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Hello YGS Community!
I've been visiting your site and reading your stories for a while and I'd like to add my experiences as well.

Both my parents are from El Salvador located in Central America, but I was born and raised in the US.

I've been a believer in spirits essentially all my life and will try my best to recall all of my experiences.

I look forward to your thoughts on my experiences and will continue looking forward to reading yours.
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Didn't Abuelita Just Come Back From Church? on 2017-08-19

So this particular encounter will require some backstory, my apologies if it is a bit long winded. Both of my parents where born and raised in the same small village in El Salvador. It's really far out in the country side at the end of a dirt road. The village is called La Aldea on the Chalatena...

First Time Seeing Shadows on 2017-08-15

This is one of the earliest memories that I can recall, and some of the finer details escape me but I can still see the actual event and moment in my mind very clearly. This happened in the 1985 or 1986. Up until the time I was 8 years old my family lived in an apartment complex in Elizabeth, NJ...

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Thank you everyone for your feedback!

Manafon1 - if my Abuelita was projecting herself arriving back home while still at church then I have grossly underestimated her spiritual abilities and overall awesomeness:)

Biblio - thank you very much for your kind words. I sincerely appreciate it!

Melda - I know that wail all to well too. Our son suffers from croup almost every time he gets sick. He's just getting over it now thankfully. I can imagine the look on your husband's face when he got back home.

I've had another experience with dopplegangers that I will document on the YGS site. I must say I am enjoying sharing my experiences with the community.
Thank you Manafon1 for taking the time to read and comment. I'll ask my mother for her experiences one of these days as my curiosity was peaked as I typed in my story. I'm remembering some of the smaller details of the apartment - the bedroom had the fire escape right outside the window but the kitchen window did. Or connect to the escape. We moved out of that apartment right after I wrapped up 2nd grade.

If I had a choice I would have selected Toucan Sam & Tony the Tiger as my late night visitors!