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The Only Exception - My Paranormal Experience Part2 on 2017-08-21

Before you start reading Part 2, I suggest you go back and read the first part of this story for you to better understand everything. The Only Exception - My Paranormal Experience Part1, here's the link to it: Thank you. Okay, now re...

The Only Exception - My Paranormal Experience Part1 on 2017-08-18

Before I start, let me just tell you my views about the paranormal (ghost and elemental, etc). I am a believer that those things/entities really exist but I haven't really seen, feel or have any contact with them. I am now 27 years old, married and have kids and not one single experience with them (...

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I'm really caught in between thoughts right now. All of your opinions, theories and ideas really made points. I'm both a believer of the paranormal existing with us on a different plane and, at the same time, am a woman who is born in the age when science has (almost) all the explanation for things.
With all of my heart, I believe my aunt's account on the things that happen to her to be true. But at the same time, am skeptical about her children fathered by an elemental. I may believe it 100% before. But as I aged and learned of science, I begin assessing their physical condition as albinism. Though, I still don't close the idea of Choco being an elemental's son. Probably I'm (70-30) right now, more on the scientific side.

It would be wonderful to be able to study the case (both paranormal and scientific aspects taken into consideration) while it was still hot from the oven? But during that time, especially in a very remote area, elemental beings'existence are very much welcome/accepted in the lives of people. Even living harmoniously with them. We also have some stories here, of long ago, of fairies lending them silverware for special occasions, so long as you return them after use, or a human being taken to an elemental's kingdom for a tour.
If only we have the luxury to be able to do the investigating ourselves, wouldn't it be exciting and possibly productive? LOL.
It would be nice to be able to gather all the facts, accounts and details from those people involved to do a thorough study.
Perhaps, nothing could be more true that, people would rather choose to believe what is easier to swallow than to choose to accept an explanation that might be painful for them to take.
[at] lady-glow I don't know why you're going really strong about this subject lady. I didn't say you're wrong when you said my cousins were probably just a case of albinism. As I said, I'm a logical person and am always taking consideration science as the general explanation of how things happened. You don't have to be rude. I respected your idea as it is also what I thought of it. I am merely sharing my 'honest' story of what happened to me and by account I have to mention other things that happened in my family that 'might be' connected. You don't have to be rude about it. Just respect my story or keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything nice to say. You can read back my previous comments on your replies, thank you, so you can understand my ideas too.
[at] shelbyloree Well, yeah we do look alike. I mean, morena brown skin, long eyelashes, long straight black hair, typical Filipina look which most people would call, gorgeous morena. Lol! But I guess, they do have that pattern of liking someone which resembles another. I'm just lucky that grandma had the knowledge because of the past experiences the family had went through with the elementals.
I also know of a schoolmate before whose mother has the same experience as us. The sad thing is, her mom got tired of fighting the spirit and eventually went with him to wherever he lives.: (My friend was a little child when this happened to her mom.
[at] Triskaideka It's cool right? You get to learn new things from new people all around the world everyday. It wasn't implemented until 3 or 5 years ago, I think. Since most schools, and students and parents too, don't like the idea of having to go to school longer and finishing high school a lot later. HAHA. I remember my younger sister's batch being the pioneer to start the new senior high school system, so that's 3 years ago since she's on her 12th grade now.:)
[at] shelbyloree My sleepwalking episodes could probably be caused by stress at school. It is really demanding and stressful to be studying there, I tell you. HAHA.
But regarding the tree, I really have no idea if it had a history of someone being buried there. Hmmm... No one in the family made mention of that or have any story about that. Haha. I wonder though. Maybe I should ask my great grand aunt.:)
[at] lady-glow [at] L_Melb Good points you have there. But as I've said, I was not there when all those things happened. It can be exaggerated for all I know. It was just another story told to one and then another. But yeah, I'm a logical type of person, so what you have mentioned may be true and could be the real deal. I'm just merely, adding some points to my story that 'could be' related to what I have experienced. But I guess, it just added to the confusion. HAHA!

Anyhow, thank you for your insights. I'm not really referring to a bal-bal, we don't have that kind of creature here in our place (as far as I have heard or told), so I don't think it is involved.
[at] lady-glow I don't know if what you are implying is a good or bad thing though. Do enlighten me. HAHA. 😟
[at] L_Melb I should have really left that part out, since I really do think it's so hard to believe. But I have to mention it as being part of my story background. But it did happen to my aunt. I'll tell you a little something about it. My aunt gave birth to twins, one boy and a girl. Their skin and features look like they have albinism. Very light skin, lacking pigmentation, and they can't see clearly in the morning but have sharp visions at night. They could have just dismissed the children as albinos, but when the twins turned 5 years old, my aunt had a dream of the elemental, who tricked her, telling her that he will take the other child to live with him in his kingdom.
The next day after that dream, it was 12 noon. The twins were playing outside when the girl just fainted and died right away. A funeral was done after 48 hours since they are living in the mountains and there's no means to preserve the body. The elders said that after 3 days they should dig the grave because according to old beliefs here in our country, if the child was indeed taken by an elemental then the corpse will be replace with a banana trunk/body. True enough when they dig the little girl's grave, the body isn't there anymore and in its place is a banana tree trunk. I can't attest to this being real, since I'm not yet around when this happen, but my mother and grandma said it did happen.
I can only say that Choco (the other twin - boy) is still alive. And I seldom see him around during gatherings. He is just what I describe physically, with great hearing skills too. And he claims he still communicates with his 'dead' sister in his dreams. His sister, Choca, would tell him about their father's kingdom and show him some places and stuffs that is not in our plane of existence. So yeah, that part I can account for as far as I know about it. Thank you:)
[at] Valkricry [at] RCRuskin Oh no! I really have done a mistake on this part, you are right. It's not a typo seriously, I made a mistake. I'm so caught up that it's 2017 now. So I forgot that 12 years ago should have been 2005 and not 2015. I really apologize, it's my fault totally.

I didn't notice that bit when I was editing my story before submitting it. 😐
[at] Anno_Domini Hi there! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do agree that they are indeed tricky, imagine using my crush to get to me. It was really a creepy encounter for me and I do wish it will not happen to me again. Thanks for the kind words and advises. Will keep them in mind. 😊
[at] lady-glow You're totally right. The rest of the family are really heavy sleepers (is there a term as that?). We don't have doors to open, connecting our living room (where we all sleep) to the kitchen, it's just an archway or a hole in the wall. If somebody did notice me, or saw me get up, they probably thought I was going to the kitchen to drink or pee. I'm sorry, I'm really terrible at describing things. The back door lock is something that is hard to open but makes no sound when you open it. You just really have to be strong enough to shake/pull the lock out. It's something my dad made, old fashion lock I suppose.
We still visit the place during family gatherings and dike doesn't have a fence on it up until now haha probably because it is also used as a walkway to and from the seawall.

[at] valkicry Yes, I suppose I forgot that part. I remember my room adviser informing my father of my passing out in school. They simply thought its because of fatigue or stress. I am studying in a Science High School in our country. It is a government funded school where students are all scholars maintaining grades and excelling both in academics and extra curricular activities. Its really a privilege and at the same time a big responsibility studying there. We have more and advanced subject loads than most schools, daily assignments from each subject, projects and quizzes almost everyday, and I remember sometimes I have to stay wake until 2AM to be able to finish my daily school paperworks.
So, at that time it may seem that overworking myself might have caused me to pass out (it may have been).

[at] Triskaideka Sorry for not explaining that part. Here in the Philippines, we only have 4 years of high school altogether, no junior or senior high school, so when I'm in my 3rd year I was probably 14 or 15. Our education system goes like this, Grade School - Kinder to Grade 6, High School - 1st year to 4th Year and then its College/University level. We just recently upgraded to the School system followed by everyone else all around the world, Kinder to Grade 12, about 3 years ago. I hope it makes sense now.