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Erika Lois Galang
Just an ordinary person living in this world. Lol
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Girl's CR At The 3rd Floor on 2017-10-04

This is the second time I am going to tell you a story. From the first story, I mentioned there that I will tell you what I had experienced when I was in college. So the story goes like this... I was in the 4th year in college, with an evening schedule at school from 2pm-9pm. My classroom is loc...

A Very Loud Bang Inside The Office on 2017-09-15

This is my first time to tell my unexplainable experience here in this website. I am amazed and interested with the stories other people share. I just love this website. So here is my story... Just a simple experience that made me really felt a sudden goosebumps. It was Saturday, a half-day work...

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Hi Shady.

As an answer to your question, we do girls love to accompany their best friends everywhere. Haha that's just it. You know.

Anyway, thank you for reading shady. ♥
I too, had memories of that "Bloody Mary" lol
Definitely not effective during my time. Haha



Yeah. You're right. I don't want to go in a washroom alone especially at night. Haha

Thank you, Sheetal

Hi sheetal!

I think it was just me who experienced that kind of scary moment. But I heard some stories from the other students who came to use that restroom during the night that they can hear flushing of toilets even without using them, or someone came inside the restroom while you're inside of the one cubicle then after you come out, you can see no one. That was really scary!

Actually my school is really haunted. Every part of the school has so many entities living here. I can't tell them here because it's not my own story but if others would give me the permission to tell them, I would definitely share them to all of you. This school is the biggest university here in Central Luzon as part of the Philippines.

Thanks for reading sheetal.

Jubeele... Yeah I got it. Haha thanks! Here in the Philippines we are using the shortest term for comfort rooms. C for comfort R for rooms, to make it short, it would be CR.

Maybe you can change it too into restroom so that other people can understand it.



Hi! Oh thank you for that. I do understand too. And sorry for that, I didn't expect that it is a new word for you and many. Thanks, anyway.

Hi Martin.

No. It's okay. No problem about it. Thank you so much!

Sorry about the title. It shouldn't be "Girl's Cry at the 3rd Floor" but it should be "Girl's CR (comfort room) at the 3rd Floor". I don't know what happened. Maybe they changed it or what.

Anyway, thank you for those who read it and for those who will read it. Lovelove!


Hi lady-glow.

Thanks for reading. Well she's a very good friend tho. She's just lazy to go out of the classroom. Haha

After what happened, I can hear other stories from the students who experience something like that. But mostly just flushing the toilet or what.

I didn't use the toilet anymore. Haha because I got really scared that time! I just went back straight to the classroom.


Melda - Yes I tried. I even search how to open it on youtube.

Well anyway, it's not something that important. Just curious.

Hi Melda. Thanks for that Lol! Actually the building is new. The library is new. So I don't expect former employees during the time. But maybe, before it was built, the building is known as a Social Hall. A very old building during my pre-school. Since, a library is always quiet, I guess they live here already. Haha

Music is really life, Melda. Haha kind of helpful.
But I'm still scared. Lol. Can't help it.

But do you have any idea how to open a third eye? I'm just really curious about it. I wanted to experience to see clearly a ghost or whatever.

Anyway, thank you once again, Melda. I appreciate your comment. ♥