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Schizophrenia Or Incubus? on 2017-08-20

I am 18 years old and have an incubus, or at least I believe I do, and I do not know what to. His name is Rhyder. He has been with me ever since a young age. Back then he was trying to hurt/kill me by sitting on my chest and I couldn't breathe; in a way I had to fight him. For a while he disappeared...

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Good news! I went to a counseling session and got help! They gave me tips on how to protect myself with the angels! I feel better already. ❤ ❤
[at] Melda thank you for not judging me and you too [at] Biblio. All I wanted to was figure out what has been going on in my life. I never intended for anything like the events I have stated to happen. All I want is to forget anything that has to do with this thing.
Also the reason I put entity in quotation marks is to let everyone know that I'm using that term lightly. It could be in my head. It could also be real. I won't know until I see a priest soon.
[at] ladyglow I'm not playing games. I am serious. I said I wouldn't need anymore help but people had some more advice for me so I kept interacting. If you think I'm playing games than feel free to mock me like the others. Everyone has. What point would I have to play games? Even I know that's trivial! 😭
There is also something else I would like to point out:I am not on drugs. Lol. Just to clarify. I'm not depressed nor have I had any drug a day in my life unless it was actually prescribed to me and even then I never abused them. 😊 but something I have been thinking about is how this whole situation came to be:how the "entity" got here in the first place. I have this feeling that he manifested due to my longing for a boyfriend. This was back when I was a preteen going on teenager and a lot of hormonal changes went through me. Could he have appeared because of that? 😨
[at] Biblio what I meant to say was I used to purchase these spirit items a long time ago. Lol. I'm not currently buying them. And as for trying a pastor I will have to find a means of transportation as I am in a new location and I do not know my way around yet.
I actually asked a psychic why this demon wouldn't leave, if that's what he is. She told me that I am his twin flame and I was once his queen in my past life. I'm not really big on the past life thing so I don't really buy into it. In one dream Rhyder told me that his realm or world depends this relationship. Also one other reason I think he might be a demon is because I have purchased jewelry with spirits infused within them. I saw these spirits within my dreams and the nest thing I know, Rhyder appears and that's all I remember. I never see those spirits again.
[at] Melda I have followed your advice and I have been able to control my risque thinking more often than not. However the last time I told him to leave I had a nightmare that he punched me in face and went through some dark portal. I even had a dream last night where I danced for him... Hopefully not willingly. He looked please but I am not. I do not wish to dream this way!
[at] Melda thank you! But do you really think it is all in my head? You said "mind" being the operative word.
[at] Anno and Triska- Thanks for the advice. I'm ready to get rid him once and for all. Whether he is real or not. But once I drive him away, how do I make him stay away? Because when I do certain things I feel like I invite him back such as risque daydreaming.
[at] Biblio Thank you for the sound advice! You have helped me out. In any case I will try to go to a Catholic church as soon as possible. As for schizophrenia, I don't know where I stand with this. Spirits do cause illness physically and mentally so I will try the church first.
That's okay Melda! You and the rest who have assisted me have done your part. I just wanted to know what was going on with me. If I need help then so be it. All I want is the truth. You weren't being harsh at all. I would rather have someone tell me like it is rather than lead me down the wrong path. Now I know what's really going on and I can seek help. Thanks for everything and if you guys still comment I will reply. Thanks again! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
[at] Melda. The event about the dream and the dog happened this morning. The voice thing has been like that for years. Basically what I am trying to do is "spill the tea" and make sure I don't miss any details. And I'm not saying personally it would be funny to pull someone's hair but that's what I hear in my head...
Plus I horrible random and unwanted thoughts throughout the years. For example out of nowhere ill just have a thought come to mind saying "pull a girls hair and that it would be funny." or just want to fight someone out of nowhere. And when I say I have seen Rhyder since I was young I mean around 11 to 12 years old is when everything really got bad. 😕
Quick update I had a bad dream about my parents and Ryder was in it. Also I saw an apparition of a black dog in my dorm room. It looked innocent yet dark at the same time. It was a black dog that look like my grandfather's golden retriever... And it stared at me in that one second that I saw it. 😟
Omg thank you SOOOO much Melda! That experience I read from you have given me significant inspiration! I will reach out to a Catholic priest as soon as humanly possible. Of course I am in college and I do not know when this will be, but I now know what I must do. If anything should happen afterwards, I won't hesitate to see a psychiatrist. 😁 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
[at] Anno. Thank you so much! But who should I go to? I'm Christian, but I do know a pastor that deals with demons. However there are many Catholic churches here. Should I try one?
Thank you Miracles! I appreciate it.😊 And I will also admit a lot of coincidences happen as well.
[at] Rook you bring up a good point. I don't know if I can even cut off my ability to see spirits (if he is real that is). I'm positive I cut off the energy flow. I never see any apparitions of him when I don't send energy.
[at] Miracles yes I have plenty of hobbies: drawing, campus activities, zumba classes, etc. I always focus on the environment around me or just go for walks and think. It's when he bothers me that I get consumed.