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Mother of 6 beautiful children:-) 5 girls and 1 boy. Loving life and learning as I go
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The Boy Out Past His Bedtime on 2017-08-20

I would like to reflect on a time when I was a child. At this particular time, I was about 7 years old. Now, my parents weren't very strict and didn't have a set bedtime for us and I remember playing late outside this night. My younger brother, Ernest, was playing with me. He was 5. After chasin...

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You know personally I believe there may be a possibility of it being someone they knew before possibly visiting. The thing about our town is there was only 2 black children my age in school growing up. So I find it a little more than a coincidence that he was headed away from those apartments. He was probably someone the mother knew. She was a single mother, maybe a son or cousin who passed away. I believe the shirt was more of a 60s/70s era maybe even 80s. I don't think we would of payed too much attention if it was during the day. I really believe his shirt was like a neon color orange and his presence looked somehow off making it appear "different."
[at] RCRuskin no but I did find it a coincidence that the people who lived in the apartments where we seen him coming from were black. Maybe it was a family member/son who passed before we were born. I never found out