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White Glowing Eyes Watching Me, Activity Escalating on 2017-08-20

It started on August 15th. I felt like someone was watching me, which is not unusual my home. It is active with a very specific Spirit who I believe used to be an owner of the house and is very particular of how he likes things arranged and moves about the house without malice or intent. (My home wa...

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Lady glow

The activities in the house has gone down. I have caught only one pair of eyes staring in from outside staring in through the windows, but not in the house since I've blessed it. The resident ghost after I bless the house usually disappears for a little while before coming back. So I haven't had any recent activity from him.

I hadn't thought about that. They haven't ever been out in the open they are always in the windows or right in the doorway I'll have to look into that thank you.

They're not just white piercing glowing balls. They are very intense right in the middle and as they had towards the edge they have a fading out effect. They kind of have a blue tint to them, they're almost perfectly round. My home is protected but not the property outside the home. I have recently bought items from other people who believe in the Paranormal. I was told nothing that was supposed to contain any Spirits or have any Spirit attached to it.

I recently bought items into the home from other people such as tarot cards that are in a oak box. Paintings, crystals and a box of my mother's things. I thought of that and I blessed all the new objects that I brought into the home at the same time that I smudged the House.

Weather here has been relatively good. I live in the center of Wyoming and at first I thought that they just might be tied to the eclipse that recently happened because we had totality here, because they are still around after the eclipse I do not know if that has any ties to it.
I'm going to powder the window seals and in between all the doorways like you suggested. This might be a little difficult seeing as I have a cat and 3 dogs but I will see if it works.

My friend very much dislikes anything Supernatural if it's not in a movie. She believes in the Supernatural but thinks that every Supernatural Spirit must be malevolent.
After speaking to high priestess and then nearby coven they suggested that I smudge the house, and delete the pictures in order to completely rid myself of them. They don't feel threatening, but I agreed with her that I'd rather be safe than sorry.
I currently live with my fiance who works 12 or more hours a day. He has not mentioned seeing them.
RCRuskin. Unfortunately I blessed my home this morning, before I saw your request. I was instructed to get rid of the images before hand. I will ask my friend if she still has it. I will be more than happy to answer any questions while I wait to hear from her.