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Haunted Hotel Hertfordshire on 2017-08-28

This is my first time telling this story, hope you enjoy it. I was sitting about thinking of what to do for the Mrs' birthday, thinking night away no kids sounds good so I got on line and booked a beautiful mansion house. So 28th Feb 2016 we was off to what we thought would be a romantic night a...

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When I researched it our room was 112 on the same floor as the room 107 when people had experiences had items pushed from there hands in the corridor. Hopefully they will put the pictures on soon, as sent them thanks.
Yes that's the one, I have sent a few pictures through so should be on soon but recordings may take a little longer as I am trying to find a way of sending them over.
It's connected with king James 1 you should get it now thanks for the interest and comments.
Hi will be uploading pictures just waiting for a day off work to go through my lap top. Will have them on asap thanks.