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Grandma And Grandpa's House on 2017-08-29

I spent a good amount of my childhood living with my grandparents in a very rural part of West Virginia. Their house, well, the whole area where they lived, was haunted. There were many times that we'd hear footsteps in a room nobody was in at the time, paper towel rolls unrolling themselves... Thin...

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My grandparents knew for a long time that something strange was going on at their house. In fact, that old dirt road they lived down was just... Weird. There are plenty of stories from that place, and I'm going to start putting them on here ASAP. I wish the old house still stood. I went up this summer to show my son where I grew up, and the old house had burned down and the land was grown over. Kinda broke my heart, to be honest.
I wonder if the term "Watcher" has anything to do with the watchers mentioned in the Book of Enoch? If so, yikes!