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I'm just a confused and sensitive person. Meh.
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I Need Some Help Dealing With An Entity on 2017-09-05

I don't talk much about my "spirit friend" but let's just say he's starting to get on my nerves. Firstly, let me state that this is all true, and I am of sane mind. It all started when I was 8 years old, and my older cousin decided to play around in witchcraft, she messed around with some crap and o...

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Dear Ann4shadow

Thank you, it is. And yes, I am growing tired of this and more scared every day, it's been going on so long it's like the norm now, which I do not wish for. 😟
[at] lady-glow,
To answer your question,

"You establish that your "... Older cousin decided to play around in witchcraft, she messed around with some crap and opened a door..."

Could you be more specific about the kind of stuff she was doing? Did she do these things at your place? Did you take part in these 'witchcraft'?"

I might not know much about witchcraft, but from the book she had and black candle she used, I would say it was dark or black magic, nothing good. Sorry I can't be more specific, I really am not familiar with witchcraft.

"did you ever tell your parents what was going on or did they ever notice it? I'm not doubting your experience but find it difficult to understand that your parents didn't ask the reason why you decided not to sleep in your bedroom."

They actually did notice, and asked me why I had stopped sleeping in there, and I had told them about the scary man, in which they kind of brushed off, but didn't make me sleep in there anymore.

"... I would also get a weird feeling in my ears, the only way I can describe it is that it felt like snakes sliding into my ear canal and up into my brain..."

That's intense and sounds painful. Did you ever cry when this happened? Did your parents take you to the doctor's to get your ears checked?"

It actually felt slippery, and only would hurt sometimes, I did mention it to my mother who had checked my ears and said nothing was wrong.

"Do you consider your interactions with people of the opposite sex to be healthy and normal or do you get nervous and tend to 'malfunction' when you are around boys (I'm assuming you are a girl)?
I'm asking this because, in my opinion, it is important to learn to set limits to what we are willing to take from other people; it is not clear in your narrative if you have ever told this entity that it is bothering you and that it should leave you alone and that its advances are not welcomed."

I actually act pretty normal around the opposite sex, although I'm always a bit awkward, but that's just me lol.

"You could start by trying Rookdygin's 'cleansing and shielding method' described in the following link:


I hope this helps.

Thanks for sharing."

Thank you very much, I will look into this, I really hope it helps.