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Cecilia Delgado
I m ilustrator and comic writer from Bolivia, all my inspiration comes from the invisible world, other side, others dimencions or the unknow...
My vocation for to be an ilustrator comes from the urgency to talk abouth my perceptions and have a feed back from the people, I found this way aceptable, aceptable for a world that sometimes can\'t accept that misterious things can happen.

I happy to find this web, because I think that I could be honest and, talk about my experiences directly.
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Friends Of Other Sides Or Other Dimensions on 2017-09-09

I'm from Bolivia, sorry my bad English, I found this beautiful page and I want to share my history with you. I always have my perception very sensitive, for that I had a lot of kind of experiences with entities, feeling them, sometimes seeing them in colored shapes around me or listening voices o...

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Hello friends! I would like to clarify one thing abouth the post, I'm no interested in to know if my entities are "bad or good" for you, that is not the question, because in this moment I know what they are to me, because I can feel them by myself, Dont forget that I know this entities since a lot of time ago (more than 10 years). I only whant to know if somebody, maybe you, some relative or friend had this kind of experience before, I will apreciate to know that. Thanks!
Thanks Jitow, I know what you whant to mean, and I'm sure that the ring has a good energy, it is only a simbol between my relation ship with the faeries, in special with him. Is not the first time that I found someting that it is obviously a gift of somebody of the other world. And I can feel when someting has bad energy, I can feel it in my heart, and because my ghost sister says to me when something is dangerous... And she said that everything is ok with the ring.

Echomithrocks thanks a lot for the Orang bunian information, it seems very interesting:D and about your comentary of the ring, I would worryed if this ring would belong of somebody else of the other world, but this elve entity is mi friend since like 10 years, I know that if I owe him someting maybe is only food (Bread or milk) that I have to put in some tree, or things like that.
Date: 2017-09-14
Im Sorry for your beloved Peanut, I know what you felt, I'm now in the same situation, mi beloved dog Snuky was a big suport for almost all my life, but she passed away yesterday and I was very sad and crying, she was so sweet and tender, when I remember her I start to cry again. I felt better wen I relized that she was around me, I feel her like she was before her illness and age, she seems very happy and virorous, and some times this day I saw her walking in the kitchen, in a blurry shape with her fur color...

About cats, is very interesting some myths that hey have in some places in the world, myths that explain they they have a very particular heaven very clouse to the faeries, some cultures like the celtic, thinks that cats are half faerie indeed, and they beleave that when them dies, they are only returning to they beautifull and magic place with their beautifull magic shapes and powers.
Date: 2017-09-13
I think that was Hoke too, he came to visit you... And your family.
Find your article is very significative for me in this moment, I was sad this day because my beloved dog Snuky passed away yesterday and it was very hard for me because she were in my life 17 years, since puppy. But at the same time I felt better because I know that she is with me in spirit, I can feel it, and because this day in one moment I saw her walking in the kitchen, in a blurred shape whit her fur color.
Thanks Marquisinator, I already have readed that wikipedia article, and is very interesting and complete. I know that I have to travel to Ireland some day.

AugustaM thanks a lot!, I loved Sandman of Neil Gaiman, and I'm very curious about your comic recomendations.

Anno_ Domini Yes I already have sended some pictures of the ring, maybe they will appear en this article very soon.