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Grandma Stories on 2017-09-14

This was a story narrated by my Grandma long back. It made a huge impact on me that I remember it even after 15 years. This happened to my Grandma's Father. Generally there was a rumour in her days, a baby born with legs out (instead of head) has the ability to see unnatural things through out ...

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Date: 2018-01-20
I agree with lady glow... Your frns might have pranked with u...
Kaavalane mimalni akadiki rappinchi, already akada vaallu plan cheskoni, mimalni bayapetti untaru...
Date: 2017-11-28
Please share the pictures if you have.
Most of the times we receive that the phone got formatted and pics are gone.
Date: 2017-11-21
Our Brain handles what to think and how to react. We cannot control our brain and order it to make us think only this. I request you to please consult neuro surgeon, do a EEG scan. Take rest and don't think too much. Take your husband and kids on a vacation.
Do not harm yourself.
Date: 2017-10-27
If the man is found innocent also, in such cases, his respect in society vanishes. Especially in the village areas of India. People do suspect him and keep him away. But things are diff in cities. People do think and behave in more mature way. Since this happened in 80s, the maturity level of people would be different compared to these days. Yes, even if he was found innocent, the society might have banished him. His wife might not have trust in him.
Date: 2017-09-21
ante telugulo inka baaga rasevanni... English kada kasta limited version lo sardipettesa
Date: 2017-09-21
Yes am from Adilabad, Telangana. I don't know the lady name.
Date: 2017-09-19
Hi Melda, I don't think switching slippers from one foot to other require high effort. The hay doesn't weigh more than a Kg or 2. Anyways I wrote what I heard
Date: 2017-09-19
Thanks all.
Firstly this was a story narrated by my Grandma, so I wrote what I heard. We used to love those stories in childhood.
Pooja is a form of Prayer done by Hindus