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Reasonable Explanations Or Is Something Amiss? on 2017-09-18

We moved into our current home four years ago. It's a four-bedroom colonial in a little family-oriented subdivision that was built in the sixties. There are a handful of original owners left but it's mostly people with young children or families with older kids or empty nesters. We bought our house ...

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I'm so sorry. What a shocking and terrible loss. I hope he is at peace, if such exists, and that your family's suffering is abated. Deeply felt grief can wreak havoc on a person's mind. It can feel impossible to grasp the reality that someone is suddenly gone. There can be no relief but time.
Just curious about all the Britishisms you use. How do you come by them?
Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments. I will try to address the questions.

All I know about the previous owner is that it was a family who raised three kids here when the sub was built. The kids moved out, the father died, and the mother lived here for a while alone until she had to be moved into a nursing home where she lived for less than a year, maybe only a few months. She evidently had a fall here in the house and was undiscovered for a couple of days, lying on the floor, which precipitated the move to the nursing home. The other elderly neighbors who knew this family recall that she, the mother, was "a little strange," but they would not elaborate because I'm sure they don't want to speak ill of her. I gather she might have been a little nutty and opinionated which is funny because I think I have that rep around here too.

I think that ALL of these events can be logically explained, frankly, just as I think most (not all) of the tales on this site can be logically explained. I just can't explain them. The garage door--yes, for sure; anything electrical I think can usually be declared non-paranormal. It just kept happening that day while I was doing the dishes and never happened before or again. The clicker was in my purse sitting on the bench in the hallway... I suppose it could have misfired, or perhaps an animal was in the garage and tripped something?

My son was in my my room with the door cracked a few inches and he said the "Boo!" came from just outside my bedroom door. I asked him over the course of a week or two about this, very casually, not trying to lead him or even make him think I thought it was weird or scary. He was scared by it, but not because of my reaction. He never changed one bit of the story the way kids tend to do when they're making stuff up. He didn't see anything. He just said it was a lady's voice.

The mixer: Yes, I thought too that maybe I took it out and then for some reason kept looking. Maybe I just got into "SEARCH" mode and spaced out. I spent SUCH a long time tearing the kitchen apart that when I saw it there on the counter I practically fainted.

The little lamp---this one bugged me because I love this little lamp so much and it felt like a personal insult; the upside down landing and the cracked glass shade really felt like a big F U and the distance from the shelf it sits on was more than weird. We have band practice here A LOT and always have and the pictures haven't even tilted. Apart from the vibration of the drumming I can't think of any other explanation for the lamp falling. Like I said, I was alone on this floor of the house and the lamp itself is pretty heavy.

The door slam: Yeah, I told the inspector I really doubted his laptop closing was the noise I heard. No windows were open because it was early March and very cold outside. There was some furniture in the house but I didn't notice anything with a part that could open or shut. I just have to with the laptop explanation on that one, I guess. I didn't even find a door that had been open previously and was later shut. And they are those hollow, unsatisfying kind of doors.

Honestly, the thing that freaked me out the most was the wind out of nowhere while I was doing the dishes. I mean, I DUCKED!

Hope I addressed all the questions!