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My Dad's Old Creepy House on 2017-10-04

This was back when I was a snotty nosed teenager still living in boring old Indiana. My dad used to live in this two story house with his four kids from another woman. My parents divorced when I was really young. I was really attached to my dad growing up cause he was never abusive toward me like my...

Dreams Of Water on 2017-10-04

A few years back into 2014. I used to have dreams that I would either crash in water with a truck or swimming in water or scuba diving with strange creatures for a long time. Always reoccurring dreams. Left me searching for answer in google for days but never had an answer. Before I get to the story...

The Unknown Man In White on 2017-10-04

I am not a clairvoyant nor a psychic in any way but I do have my fair share of events to make me question. My family has some members that are "sensitive" esp an uncle in the family that can speak to the dead or angels. My grandma used to be able to talk to her dead brother and sister. My mom also u...

My Great Grandma Ausenbaugh on 2017-10-04

Being raised by my grandparents since childhood, we would normally visit my grandpa's mother and step father every other weekend as they were getting old and they wanted my brother and I to keep in touch in case they pass away. Keep in mind my brother and I were their favorites even though we are ...

Spirits In My Childhood Home on 2017-09-21

I was born and raised in Hammond Indiana. I lived with my mom and brother, in a single family home with two bedrooms, one bath and two large living rooms which was divided by the kitchen. We lived there for 10 years or so. When we first moved in I didn't really believe in spirits or ghosts nor enc...

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wow What an experience! Did you ever thank the ghost for folding your clothes? 😆
Date: 2017-10-12
Yes! It was truly a miracle! I couldn't believe it I thought we were going to die! Thanks to my boyfriend he saved us!
Love these comments! [at] Jubeele my brother never had dreams of her nor experiences I don't know if it's because he's younger than me? [at] L_Melb a lot of times my brother would go out or come back to the house and leave the door unlocked, apologies I forgot to mention it in the story... Thanks for reading my stories ❤