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Who Was That Boy? on 2017-09-24

I have been a reader of the stories on this site for about 1 month. Today I registered myself so that I could also post one of my experiences with you all. Sorry for my bad English grammar (being an Indian I would also apologize:)) as others do). So here goes the story. It's a real story of mi...

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Date: 2017-09-30
Thank you lady-glow for your valuable comment.

As far as I remember there was a story famous about this area that it was haunted because of that tree as it was a weired kind of ttree which sometimes used to bear 1 or two floweres or leaves.
And it used to be dark at least until 500 meters when anybody was passing by that area.

Some years of this incident when all these bushes and trees were not there, there used to be a small chawl at the same place occupied illegally by different tenants.
Later the actual owner fought in court for that property and won and got it vacated by police force because the tenants were not ready to vacate and they also beat the owner once when he came to talk to them before filing the case into the court.

All the homes amd constructions built on that area were demolished and the rremains are still there hidden under the bushes and trees until date.