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I have always had a great interest in the paranormal, including paranormal theory's, past life experiences, astral projection, healing, etc.

I am a mom and engaged I believe that we are the product of our own outcome what we put out is what we will receive our only limitations are the ones that we put on our self. I am an extremely expressive individual on multiple levels, normally I get along with just about anyone.

I question everything, because if You refuse to look at things from every aspect then You are bound to miss something important. I enjoy psychology, photography, reading and anime.

All in all I am excited to see what You guys have to share.
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The Henn Theater on 2017-11-02

I have always been a fan of historic buildings and attractions and seeing that I live in not only a small town but in a close proximity to a cluster of small towns in the Georgia mountains that all have some form of history still standing. Blairsville Ga, Haysville NC, Blue ridge Ga and Helen Ga the...

The Old Boarding House on 2017-10-19

This happened about three years ago, my friend Jessica had called and wanted to hang out for awhile watch a few scary movies because it was a stormy day and she is just kind of cliche like that. I instantly got a warning gut felling that said I should wait a little bit but I was bored and didn't wan...

The Street Walker on 2017-10-06

This is one of the odder things that I have saw dealing with the paranormal, I was eighteen working at a waffle house it was a pretty normal Friday night. Mainly people grabbing a late dinner from hanging out with friends or running errands, a couple drunks and stoners and pervy old guys hanging aro...

The Tea Set on 2017-09-28

From the time I was very little I have always enjoyed reading, my mom said that from the time I could walk I was constantly bringing books to her wanting her to read to me. So it was no surprise that I became an advanced reader at an early age, I was about six years old when I discovered my all time...

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Date: 2017-11-13
Jubeele, Thanks for the pointer I will keep that in mind next time I share a story. 😊
Date: 2017-11-12
Jubeele, I honestly don't know what I would have done if he had followed me home. I really don't know much about helping spirits cross over so I guess I would have yet another spirit hanging around my house, or I would hope that he would wonder on.

The Henn theater is really flipping awesome, I like it mainly because it has stuck to it's roots for the most part. It's looking a little rough on the outside now but it's still cool.

Thanks, that actually makes me feel a bit better. I have always been a little self conscious about my writing. Making sure that it is clear and that I don't skip important details and stuff.

Writing has not really been my strong suit mainly because half the time my mind runs in 30 different directions and what may seem like an important point to me may be pointless or useless to someone else so I'm constantly weighing things out before I write them. I appreciate that 😊
Date: 2017-11-05
L_Melb, Thank You, I'm glad You enjoyed it. It's rare that I have premonitions but when I do and I actually listen to them it usually pays off... Still working on that. I really wish the landlord would have said more not really sure why he didn't. 😆 I grew up with a lot of strange or older sayings. Glad I could make You chuckle.
Date: 2017-11-02
Hey Jazzy, Know that You are not alone in this quite a few women have said to have more paranormal activity happen in the home or around them while they are pregnant. I can vouch for this myself, when I was pregnant with my daughter I had a lot of weird nightmares and some strange things going on in our house but after a good cleansing the majority of it stopped. As for Your dream about the demon as I think You put it, I believe that maybe you already being worried about something happening to Your baby and having all of the precautions rolling around in Your mind plus having all those things taking place without knowing what was causing it could have caused the dream. Why it was a redskinned goat hoof creature with horns there is no telling other than Your mind projecting fears creating a face for what seemed to be lurking about. I could be completely wrong but that's about all I could figure that would make sense with all of this. I am glad that You and Your baby are doing good and that things seemed to fizzle out. Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2017-11-02
DarkAngel, I am sure that I will find it thank You for telling me about it. I am very interested. 😊
Date: 2017-11-01
DarkAngel, Wow I bet that was very creepy, have You shared a story on here about it if so I would like to read.
Date: 2017-10-29
AugustaM, It is kind of sad that it got condemned. It is still standing and I personally think that it could be fixed but it would take a lot of Know how and a lot of money mainly to fix the old wiring treat the extreme mold that was apparently in the walls and the damage from the fire but at least it was used for a long time.

I think You are right that the positive energy is more of as you said a gel because when You are first in the house it feels pretty warm and inviting like when You go in someone's house and You know they love each other to the top degree and it just radiates off of them into the atmosphere. That's about how the ground floor feels like.

But when you go upstairs which is where a lot of the boarders we're said to stay and where the most has been modernized. It just kind of feels less inviting You can feel the love there but it's more like a Hodge podged combo of chaos up there. You fell a little joy and a lot of sadness, a lot of anger and a lot of anxiety.

I have tried talking to the guy who bought it one time when I saw him at the library but he said he didn't know much other than rumours and a little about the original owners. He still thinks I'm nuts though. I think he knows more but he won't talk about it. Why else would he get the knowing holy crap how did you know that kind of face when I told him what I heard if he didn't. I may be able to find something in the old newspapers but haven't really looked into it much, it could be interesting.

Hope you enjoyed this,

Jubeele, I think all of it happened for a reason, just not really sure what that reason was. I have had a few run instead with interactive residual spirits it's just always brief. Just like the guy a quick wave asked for a match and when I came back with the lighter he is gone. I personally think that it really just depends on how strong of an anchor the spirit has. It's rare but it can happen. I am seriously torn on who was rocking the bassinet. I think it was the woman upstairs because she mentioned the baby and part of me thinks that it was the older woman the original owner who was doing it. Mainly because one time Jessica told me that it happened again while she was watching her niece again but She saw an older woman standing beside it, It was as You said both sweet and creepy. Especially when we knew there was no logical way that bassinet would be rocking. But when it happened it didn't seem threatening, weird thing is I didn't see anyone when it happened. But all in all it was creepishly awesome. When I look back on it now anyway.

I'm glad You enjoyed this, thanks for reading it, I have a few more to come.
Date: 2017-10-26
Aaru275, Most likely yes and it is very sad. Since posting this I have thought a lot more about what actually took her life. It's a really messed up situation all around.
Date: 2017-10-18
AugustaM, I never really thought about it, I honestly couldn't think of a way to help her. It is rare that I am ever on that side of town but it isn't a far trip. Just not sure if I would see her again but who knows I might. This may sound really harsh or weird but I always just thought that once a person dies the deal is done. What you get is your fate, but the more I am reading on this site the more my eyes are being opened. Thanks for the advice.
Date: 2017-10-14
Whew, this story had me on edge, I'm so glad you're little boy ended up being ok. I would be scared senseless if my little girl got away from me in the woods.

You are awesome for staying calm enough to look for him and think logically. It's interesting that Chaska found you and led You to him and I'm glad that he helped keep your son safe by leading him to the log.

Thanks for sharing
Date: 2017-10-14
RcRuskin, That is completely fine everyone is allowed to have their own believes and thank you for being respectful on the fact that we have different views.

I truly appreciate some one who can agree to disagree. Congratulations on Your parents 55th anniversary that takes true love and devotion.

I have always thought it better to be odd than the average status quo originalities go a long way. I will check out the story you shared with me and keep an open mind.

Stay golden,

Date: 2017-10-14
Jubeele, I can only imagine some of the things that they had to share. It was very touching/sad. Murphy has some interesting history and I have heard that some of it had to do with prostitution.

It's just surprising and hard to imagine that such a small town like this would, I mainly imagine or place things like that with bigger cities but I don't question it what so ever after seeing her and after another experience I had once at a friend's house but I will actually share that one a little later separately.

Thanks for commenting and the song suggestion I will check it out in a little bit. 😊

Date: 2017-10-13
RcRuskin, She was definitely a ghost/spirit however You would like to word that. Sorry I wasn't very clear, I will make sure to have more clarity in the next story that I share. I'm not really sure if prayer would help her now that she is dead.

Her fate is already sealed, but it's certainly very sad. Kinda makes me wonder if She still shows up around that area or not and if anyone else has saw her. Thanks for commenting.

Date: 2017-10-13
This is what I found and it really confused me on this story in a lot of ways but as You said maybe Aaru275 can clear things up a little bit.

Thanks Rook

Date: 2017-10-13
I have a question, what exactly is a banshee? I am not making fun or anything I just legitimately don't know. 🤔 Is it something based mainly in India or can they be found anywhere? Kinda makes me think of a very pissed of Poltergeist but worse. It's both very sad and admirable that Your great grandfather was willing to give his life for Your Uncle it just really bites that it came to that.

I have to admit I am a little skeptical on the fact that he just dropped cold right after your Uncle apologized but maybe I shouldn't be seeing that I don't really know anything about a banshee much less how they do things. But for some reason it just doesn't sit right with me. Anyhow, thanks for sharing can someone fill me in please though because everything I'm finding is not adding up.

Date: 2017-10-13
Rook, It's definitely a fitting song for this one. I had to go look it up on YouTube because I have never heard of it before today, at least not that I remember.

The whole situation was just very creepy and sad, it would be a cruddy existence constantly roaming the streets even after you died. It's bad enough that she had to deal with that while alive.

Really pulls on the heart strings ya know. 😳 Not sure why it randomly came flooding back to me recently but wham. There it was, wish I could have got her name. I was just so shocked by it all that I didn't think to ask. I guess it is what it is though.

Thanks for broadening my musical world.

Date: 2017-10-12
Ok, if you were a ghost expert at the time wouldn't You still be one now and wouldn't you know if it was bad or evil?

Why run away why not see what it was? Come on now, this whole thing sounds like something written by a skiddish teenager that is interested in the paranormal but doesn't know how to handle it.🙄

First off don't ask the spirits to scare you because you may end up with more than You can chew. It's not very wise to in a sense to test the spirits...

Second, Why not just tell your mom what You saw maybe she can help You with how best to deal with it?

Lastly dealing with the paranormal is not a game and not everything dark and shadowy is bad.

Hopefully You can figure this one out and there is no negative repercussions from it.
Date: 2017-10-12
I truly hope that You don't take this as offensive but it sounds as if You need to set some guidelines for Aizel, the fact that he was able to keep You against your will in this place with the animals and him is highly concerning. It is Your body Your vessel, NOT his. You should be in control at all times unless You GIVE him permission otherwise and if I was You I would be very hesitant. To me it sounds as if he is trying to slowly gain control. It starts with an attachment, and if You are not very VERY careful oppression and eventually complete control... I don't want to use the word possession necessarily because I'm not 100% certain it would be right in this case or not.

It is also very concerning that he went from Joy, light and optimist to suddenly somewhat darker, sudden mood changes things of that nature. Makes me think something is up his sleeve so to speak. Just be careful, or else You may find Yourself in a very dangerous position.
Date: 2017-10-10
I use to have a strange imaginary friend when I was little, when I was angry or scared this little girl with black hair that was always messy looking and the same dirty clothes would show up. Weird thing is I named her vomit, Not sure why I was a very strange kid. But I would talk to her and sometimes when I was doing stuff I knew would get me in trouble She would tell me to stop being a stupid naughty girl but when I was upset I had a bad habit of crawling underneath my brother and my bunk bed because I never wanted to cry in front of anyone and she would lay under there with me and hold my hand or talk to me, usually by the end of it all she would tell me to dry it up and get over it. So she was a harsh comfort as odd as that sounds. She quit showing up when I was six or somewhere around that age. Anyway, interesting share I don't think an imaginary friend is paranormal based but I still found it interesting.
Date: 2017-10-10
Hopefully I can say this without sounding rude but I the 3am waking hour or whatever it's referred to as has been debunked so many times it's bonkers. Are there specific hours of the day and that ghost are more active... I don't really know. I've heard that there are specific days of the year that it's easier to reach the spirit world and when spirits are more active but I am not sure right off the top of my head which ones. I'm still looking into that theroy too so don't bank me on that. Aw for the rest of your experience it sounds like you just have a mischief ghost on your hands. Set some ground rules, it is your family and your home now. They should respect you and your things. Thanks for sharing, good luck. 😊