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The Copper Queen on 2017-11-09

My story centers around an old copper mining town in Arizona called Bisbee. It's only eight miles north of the Mexican Border and is a little slice of the 1880's, right down to the Grand Dame hotel in town. The Copper Queen. I lived in California growing up but moved to Texas in my 30's and woun...

A Poltergeist That Hated Blondes on 2017-10-26

My story started in 1982. My Dad had been in the military for 32 years and then had worked for NASA before he retired. Because of his military service, he and my Mom were eligible to travel anywhere in the world by military transport if there was available room and pay a nominal fee for any meals wh...

Time Slip One December Morning on 2017-10-25

In my 20's I worked for NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. You know the place with the gigantic blimp hangars? Yep, that's the one. It was a great job with a rotten commute. It took about an hour to go under 25 miles to work. I'm the workaholic type personality so I left even ea...

Golden Gate Bridge Ghost on 2017-10-07

This encounter happened about 1982. That's quite a while ago, but it's stuck in my memory as one of the first encounters I've had with a spirit. Luckily, they seem to appear as normal people to me, so at the time I'm not especially frightened. The place was under the north pier of the Golden Gate Br...

Someone Under The Covers With Me on 2017-10-02

We live in Texas City and it's the site of a massive industrial accident that happened in 1947 that killed at least 576 people. The whole town was damaged and one ship's anchor was blown 1.5 miles and the other landed at the base of the Texas City Dike. That's about 4 blocks from my house. Many peop...

Ghost Children From Texas City Explosion on 2017-10-02

Let me preface my story by telling you that I live in a town right on the Galveston Bay in South Texas. It's a quiet town where you would never guess that anything dark had ever happened. Never the less, in 1947 a ship named the Grandcamp exploded at the pier and ignited one of the largest tragedies...

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Date: 2017-11-20
Zombiemare - I'm so very sorry about your husband. What a heartbreaking thing for you and your family to go through. You must have been utterly exhausted when this visitation happened.

I know that people do take a while to adjust after they pass. It could have been your husband, but I question why after it spoke to you, you were frozen with fear. Deep within ourselves, we recognize the people close to us by their feel or their aura if nothing else. We've all been in a room and felt someone walk in.

Jubeele has a point that you might not be meant to remember what was said. Just like a dream, if you're not meant to act on it, it can fade as quickly as it is said. You mentioned a demon attachment. If this is true, then you might have been protected from a message being retained and hurting you with it.

With all the questions that you have I'm glad that you have your children to focus on. I don't believe that people who commit suicide go to hell. I think that their life here is confused and painful and they see no other way to make it stop. Why would anyone be punished for being in such emotional turmoil?

I hope that you receive a clear sign that your husband is at peace. I ask for shooting stars and when I'm at my lowest, a shooting star will appear in the next night or two. Ask for your sign and believe. You're in my prayers.

Kindest regards,
Date: 2017-11-20
Jubeele - So sorry, I'm scatterbrained tonight. I think your idea is fantastic. When we go back I'll be very sure to take Julia a token of our affection and respect. She had a very sad life.
Date: 2017-11-20
Jubeele - You always leave such amazing comments! I'll be thinking one way and then, very logically, you flip my thinking on it's head.

John Wayne stayed there a lot in the 1940's when he was married to Pilar. He wasn't known for his discretion and it's very possible she surprised him with a visit. I'm sure they would have had a roof shaking fight if he already had some female companionship. That ties in very neatly with the lights refusing to work and a brand new TV blowing up. Thank you...

I do have a visit to Australia planned in a couple of years and would love to meet you and tour the area. Likewise, if you are ever near the Gulf Coast, please come and meet us and I would adore giving you a tour of Galveston and Houston. The third coast is Hawaii with boots.❤

Thank you again,
Date: 2017-11-20
Lady-Glow -Thanks so much for your comment. I always look forward to hearing from you and reading your stories. I don't know that a fight is romantic but we sure will remember it. ❤
Date: 2017-11-20
Hi Rex-T, thank you so much for your comments. LOL You're probably right about the Duke. Absolutely spot on.

You know what I wondered after all of this happened?

We had gone to the Julia Lowell room and she's very active on the 2nd floor on the west side (1st floor if you're in Europe). This is where she's usually seen and that's exactly where the John Wayne room is. Now, I know that she was watching and she heard that we were getting married at the hotel. We discussed it in her room. I actually stepped around the energy as we looked at the alcove and bath.

She killed herself after she told a client that she had fallen in love with him and wanted to get married. He rejected her and they had a blazing fight at the hotel. I really wonder if we caused that residual haunting to happen because it reminded her of the past. That makes me sad to think of how heartbroken she must have been.

Thanks Rex-T. Really sweet of you to wish us well. It's a great memory.
Date: 2017-11-20
Please don't do anything rash. No matter what other people say about you, please see a doctor and see if there is a physical reason for what's happening with you. You're frightened and feel that you can't turn to family. Please, find a professional to talk to. It can be a doctor, priest, counselor or social services person. They're there to help you and won't judge you because you're genuinely afraid and facing this all alone. It may be supernatural or may not. Is there any way that you could be affected by post-partum depression? Just don't give up. I'm glad that you've posted here and we do care very much about your well-being.
Sherm784 - Spirits aren't always tied to a place. Sometimes, they are a guardian angel to a person or people that they cared about. It's very possible that you did get a mental impression of her Grandmother. I live a thousand miles away from anywhere my parents lived and I sometimes feel their presence. I hope that you and your girl were able to work things out.
Date: 2017-11-20
Cups - I'm so sorry about your friend, Seth. Some people are a bright light. They shine and make us live, love, laugh and feel more. A rainbow is the perfect symbol for your friend. Rain won't last forever, hang on. Very cool that you met Patti Smith. Seems like Seth sprinkled a little of his magic on you that day. Thanks for a wonderful story. ❤
DarkAngel91 - I did have something similar happen but I never felt threatened. The part about the claws worries me. I would be tempted to seal my house with prayer and oil - pray and touch oil simultaneously to every entrance to your house. It's a barrier against any evil coming in. OF course, I don't know your religion, so excuse me if I offend in any way. Another thing I do is to ask for protection around me as I sleep. I read a story once where someone had done this and he woke up to see horrible beings trying to get to him but there was a bubble of light around him preventing them from getting near. I hope that this helps.
Jennilou87 - Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you liked the story. Yes, I have one that might be listed soon. When my son was 5, he was being stalked by a very dark entity. Scared me so bad we left and moved as far away as possible. I think the name on the story is 'Biter'.
Jubeele - thanks for the links on dime stories. I love them!
Cups - after you have a border collie nothing else will do! Mine will lead me to the refrigerator and wait patiently until I give him cheddar. Is yours Frisbee OCD-Maxed too?
Hi Jubeele ❤ Thank you so much. I saw that and honestly my first thought was hmmm, news isn't transparent no matter what people like to think. Someone in the early stages must have had an oops moment. 😆

I love how thorough you are! Oh my gosh, Jubeele. You are amazing. I love researching things also.

Date: 2017-11-18
GhOstHunter - Hey, neighbor. I really liked your story. It can be really frightening when you find that someone or something has reached out to you from out of the blue. It helps to remember that most times, you're dealing with a person (in different form).

One of the first times I went hiking, at Palo Duro Canyon, I lost my footing at the top of a trail. I was literally past the tipping point and staring straight down at a 60 foot fall. Something pushed me in my chest so hard that I landed back on the trail top on my butt. With a very large purple bruise in the center of my chest. Like you, I cried, wanted to throw up and said a huge thank you. Truth be told, I was comforted. I knew that there was more here I had to do. Maybe that's a good take away from your encounter.

Please keep sharing your stories.

Lady-Glow - Your Mom must be a woman of great strength and faith to tell a spirit of that power to leave her alone. I'd never heard of cussing out a ghost, though! I'll have to remember that. Was there any accident near your home? Or do you know any history of the land or any violence nearby? It sounds like (to me only of course) that Horacio was a spirit who was unrested and wandered. What I'm curious about is that he said it was his last visit. Had he made peace with his wrongdoing in life? Thanks for your story. Very interesting but very scary for your Mom!
Date: 2017-11-15
DarkAngelx91 - Thanks for your story. I noticed that your app said exactly what I get in my head when something shows up. "I see you". Seems like they want you to know that they're there. If something shows up that makes you uncomfortable, it's okay to say "Please leave, I don't want you here". I don't know that I'd use an app. Seems like our own senses tell us what we need to know. But that's just me.
Val - what a fascinating and amazing account. I'm adding this to my favorites. Thank you.
Date: 2017-11-15
lady-glow - I clicked on the link in your comment and read the original story and comments. You're responsible for some very Snidely Whiplash wheezing and laughing. Thanks 😁
Red - Thanks for your comment. I didn't know at the time that you can take control of the situation. That came a bit later in my life. At the time, I was just scared and wanted to get away from it. Thank you very much. I would love it if you posted a story about your daughter's experiences.

AugustaM - Thank you! You are probably right. At the time, we were all young and lacking understanding and probably empathy. Looking back now, I wish that I had tried to communicate with him and help him move on. I'm always grateful that he warned me. Your comment is very incisive and it's something I'll always remember. Thanks again.
Date: 2017-11-14
babygoatpuller - Aw, when an animal cries, they're heartbroken. I've seen it. And it's not gross to talk about putting the scent on an orphan, it's just a fact of life in Texas. I'm so glad you gave Delilah a baby to love. Did she raise it as her own? ❤ You've got a great heart. That's rare.
Date: 2017-11-14
Thanks for sharing your story. It's great to hear from you and to have you participate here on the YGS site. Welcome.