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Married 25 Years to the same wonderful man. I am interested in most everything - except rap music. Just can't see the appeal of rap music.
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The Skeptic on 2018-01-09

To date, I've told you about my mom's poodle, my brother, my dad, myself and my son. I've mentioned my husband. He is the ultimate skeptic who moves back and forth between belief and outright disbelief. He has no qualms telling me I'm imagining things or that I'm crazy. Then when something happens h...

Choices Of Life And Death on 2017-12-24

This is an extremely personal, exceptionally painful account of life, death, and choices. I had not planned on ever posting this here as it deals with my and my son's souls. If you judge me, revile me, or hate me for my choices, know that I've heard it all. My own mother and father called me a murde...

My Daughter's Visiting Lost Boy on 2017-12-21

Hold on to your seats folks, this is about to get bumpy -Goosebumpy- The details of the boy are deliberately vague because... Well you will understand after you read the entire story, and if you don't, ask me in comments and I will tell you. When my children were 5 and 7 respectively we moved int...

What Would You Call My Ability? Requesting Help/information on 2017-11-30

If you have read my previous stories, you will know I am no stranger to the paranormal. I actually consider existence after death to be natural, almost like a cocoon shed by the energy of your soul. In general I don't fear death or dead people. The living are bad enough thank you. This is a hard won...

My Brother Still Guides Me on 2017-11-02

The last two memories I've shared have been frightening and negative. I thought I would skip ahead about fifteen years and share something that fundamentally changed me. Literally saved my life. It is very positive. Prepare to have warm and fuzzies. My husband and I have two children. When I had ...

Father Knows Best on 2017-10-10

In my first story, My Mother's Poodle, I was age eleven. This time I'll share one from my twelfth year. I grew up in Pittsburg, Ca. I have four brothers and no sisters. My father and mother were and are still together - 59 years strong. For fun, on weekends our entire family used to go for hikes up ...

My Mom's Poodle on 2017-10-03

Although I have experienced paranormal events - great and small - all my life, I've never written them, or discussed them openly unless I felt compelled and safe to do so. People don't treat the topic lightly and some get very upset. If it meets the approval of the readers here I will share some of ...

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Strangely, from the description I knew it was a funerary urn. Asian maybe? I almost think Japanese and I do not know why. I have a very definite image of it in my mind. Going to sound dumb but... May I suggest some chrysanthemum and lotus petals in the urn? I am not a flower person, I don't even pretend to know what flowers would help, but those two... And maybe violets. UGh. Just to see if it 'feels' better?

Thanks for sharing.

MrRiggs - I can't express how very sad I am to hear you are going through this. Please know that I am in your corner. I support you no matter what your choices are. Please also know that I will pray for you and yours to ride out the storms that are blowing through your live. Much love to you and yours.

MrRiggs - As a person who gets nudges all the time, this actually made me laugh out loud. It's good to know that someone else is getting strong guidance. I've often thought I needed a firm hand because I was prone to seeing more paths than are good for me... But having read your stories and comments, I think in your case it's more like you get the strong nudge because you are just stubborn enough to go your own way and ignore the subtle...

Really I am still smiling.

AussieDaz - YES I am still interested. Thank you so much! I've been googling for information
Date: 2018-01-09
Did SpongeBob ever air that late/early? I thought Nick [at] Night took over from 8pm to 7am And was primarily old sitcoms and more adult viewing. I am presuming 14 years ago, which would be 2003/2004/2005. The way you state it, you say 'cartoons' and it seems to imply that you watched them regularly. Was Spongebob a one off thing? Maybe a special episode? Did you watch other cartoons? Spongebob is a Nickolodean production and not syndicated at that time. I can't find a single time where Spongebob was on at 1 in the morning - in any timezone. The latest/earliest I've found is 10pm. Maybe it just seemed later to you? 1 - 2 AM is awfully late for a 4 year old.

I tend to be a stickler for details. Anyway, thanks for sharing.
Date: 2018-01-09
Ah I thought it was just the strange English that had me confused and doubtful. Uhm, I googled Witch Grave and Texas and found stories that seems to share points with this. Almost as if the writer had cobbled them together. I probably shouldn't make that kind of speculation and I apologize if I broke any rules. GhostHunter if I am wrong or unfair please forgive me.

Overrated_7 - WELCOME! Talk about jumping in the deep end. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you enjoy reading, but also, if you have a story to share, then please do. I will read it and comment.

AugustaM - Thank you for your kindness. I am feeling a little sheepish, because everyone has been so kind to me. I am at a loss because I guess I just got so used to my family's condemnation that I expected it from everyone. I am very happy to have been proven wrong.
AugustaM - Thank you for the response. I didn't know much about cleansing then. My perspective previous to that was entirely different. My father raised us to be respectful, courteous, and above all WARY of entities. His ways of protection are through natural grounding, talismans, and respectful avoidance. Later, I learned from others about shielding through other means, but that does NOT mean I don't have blessed and black salt around my home - if you ever visit me you may notice - lol - a few people have suggested better housekeeping/vacuuming my corners.

As for my husband - I... I have an odd feeling about asking him to more, like I shouldn't. Not because of HIS reaction but because of what I might find. The thought that comes to mind is - my hubby is a recovering alcoholic, and he tells stories of incidents of black out drunkenness. I wonder if he saw something during one of those periods - or saw something that caused him to drink to forget. My husband when drunk is a jovial, laughing, party drunk, loud and obnoxious, but I've never seen him violent when drunk. I could see him witnessing something, maybe forming a bond that way, and not realizing it. This is the same guy who, while bombed out of his mind, had a whole conversation with his dead Grandmother, called it a weird dream when he sobered up. Thing is, I was right there - it was NOT a dream. She scared the ever living heck out of me when she was alive. Being dead didn't change that. Probably the meanest nice person I've ever met.
AussieDaz - Oh my soul - my dear heart - Your MOTHER. I feel your pain and loss. Just the thought of your pain makes my throat tighten and my eyes sting with tears. I understand as much as anyone can, and please know that your kind words for me make me admire you that much more.

I have never considered the idea of a 'soul group.' Do you have a website or something that explains it more? I am asking for a specific reason - well several actually. You see, All my life I've met people I've 'known.' But I've never met them before - and They KNOW me. Sometimes we stay in touch, sometimes it's a fleeting meeting. Example - I was about 14 when I saw a man on a train. I knew he was 15 years older than I and I knew he was alone...lonely. He was glancing at me out the corner of his eye. I was caught by him - I knew him... I knew how he'd smile and laugh, I knew he loved to ride horses and hated peppermint. I wanted to go sit by his side and hold his hand. I knew exactly how his voice would sound. I nerved myself up to change seats to speak to him, and as if he knew, he turned and smiled at me and shook his head. It was the saddest smile I've ever seen. Deep inside I felt the knowledge bloom that I couldn't - not this time - and I felt a tug of sadness, tinged longing, along with knowledge that there would be another time. As I was visiting family in another state, it didn't make sense at the time, but... A soul group... I wonder if that would explain it.

My experiences with my son did make me strong, it actually gave me a very... Pragmatic? Attitude. I've truly had the worst any mother can face (in my opinion) and it has made me face the world unflinchingly. Something unpleasant needs doing? Get it done, it will hurt worse to let it linger. It has helped when my now adult children made choices that at one time I would have considered irreparable. Now, my thoughts are, as long as they are safe and happy, they are not hurting anyone, then I will accept everything about them, and only be glad that they are alive and healthy. I'm sure my kids would tell you I was overprotective. My credo when they were growing up was - I'd rather say I'm sorry for being over protective than stand over another of my children's grave.
valkricry - Thank you very much. And I love the gadget you describe. I am going to have to find one.
RCRuskin - I have added solar chargers for the car battery (I got them from the boat section at Cabelas) and another for my phone. I've added a plug in port inside my glove box so I don't have to get out of the car to use the battery charger. I've also added a GPS beacon as my car doesn't have onboard GPS. Also the hand and foot warmer packets. Extra gloves, stocking caps and extra socks. Also a small air mattress - not to sleep on, but to make a small insulated wall between me and the back of the car. It makes the space to be kept warm smaller. A length of flexible plastic tubing to vent without having to open the window more than a crack also something to wrap around the tubing and seal up the window. I have one of those threshold blocks with a hole cut in it. Trash bags for waste control, a large container of wet wipes, because - ya know stuff happens. An old fashioned radio with batteries, replacement batteries as well, if your car battery dies, you will want to know what's going on. I think that's it. I am still on the fence about a portable CB. My list may seem excessive, but I am out on the continental divide mountain range constantly. I could be stuck for a day or two.
Myst, the sad part is it wasn't a short trip - 5 hour drive. Even sadder is that I HAVE a go kit that includes everything including a portable kitchen sink. I took it out of the car to update some things and forgot to put it back in THAT MORNING. God bless my old brain...
Rookdygin - Actually I've kept up on the story from the website and nothing has been added. To the best of my knowledge the psychic never did anything about his.

The TV Psychic has since retired and I have no clue how to contact him as he has gone off grid.

I have no idea of the type of cleansing they did, although they did say that there were no more problems. To me that sounds like they did something broad spectrum.
Caz - HUGS Back. We will have to agree to disagree on some issues. You asked a very important question. WHY did I share this with everyone. Some people think I need absolution or am seeking forgiveness or something. I assure everyone that is not the case. I have a strong faith and I know that the choice I made was the right one.

I have never hidden the fact that I have an affinity/gift. Sometimes I get... Nudges, tugs, sometimes outright shoves, to do something. Posting this story was one of those nudge/shoves. I believe someone out there needed to hear this. I don't know if this will surprise you or not, but I wrote this in less than a day, and let it sit for a day. I did not edit/beta or rewrite it in any way. I believe that whatever needed to be conveyed was done so during the original writing.

If the person who needed to hear this never responds in any way, I will still have faith that I did what I was supposed to do and the message that was meant was received. I haven't read what I wrote, except to skim it for accuracy. Seeing my pain and loss laid bare like that is staring down at a raw, eternally healing scar. I will always miss my son, always feel his loss, but the gaping, bleeding wound is closed now, filled in with light and love, but still a visible scar.

RCRuskin, Thank you for your concern. I am fine. I actually went ton a repair call and got myself snow/weather bound from an unexpected weather front. I didn't have a suitcase, laptop or anything but my wallet and the clothes I was wearing. I didn't even have a phone charger. ROFL - You can bet that is NEVER happening again.

DesertMoon - Thank you very much for your support. I agree with all that you said. My only regret is that it took me a long time to understand the gift I'd been given, first with Johnnie, and then by losing Johnnie.
Elizabeth62 - Thank you so much for your kind words. May the new year be bright for you.
Manafon - Thank you for your kind words, AND your interesting question. I hope the answer is understandable. My son was a spastic quadriplegic, He was unable to sit up, or even hold his head up by himself. He functioned below newborn level his entire life. He was tiny, barely over 38 inches tall. His bones were twisted from the muscular spasticity. I never saw him stand, or sit on his own. I never saw him hold his head up or look around.

The child I see now, over 27 years later, is perhaps the size of a normal six or seven year old. He sits in the seat with his head held normally, sometimes looking out the window, sometimes turned to me smiling. His limbs are no longer atrophied and thin with bones protruding, but well formed and with normal range of movement, his eyes, instead of moving in a random pattern of jerks now focus intently either on me or looking out the window.

Strangely, or the strangest part to me, is I can never remember what he is wearing. Its like a blur in my mind I can't bring into focus.

I hope that is an answer that helps.

MrRiggs - Good to see you again! This was the story I mentioned before - the one I was feeling a 'tug' or 'nudge' to tell here. I still have no way of knowing why I felt the push, and I can only hope whoever needed to know this got what they needed. It truly wasn't my intent to ever share this here.

I wish my parents had felt the same way as you. Ugh and I have to admit, although the club isn't one I'd ever aspire to join, I am very glad I did. Were you on a large green terrace surrounded by trees, under a vast blue sky? I only ask because well, nobody I've ever spoken to has had that same experience.

Strangely, I do not cling to darkness or pain. In fact I am frequently told I have a very naive view of the world, childlike, and something of a Pollyanna. I always try to find a positive, because well, to be honest, I've been to hell and back and it's not a trip I encourage anyone to dip that low. A smile or a positive thought can work wonders even in the darkest days.

Am I forgiven? I don't believe it is that easy. I know I am not always right or in a way that the Being Who Blocked The Sun would approve. I believe I will answer for that, but I also believe that anything, any judgement, will be truly just. Believing in Divine Justice means that, while I may have earned punishment, it will be... EARNED and not placed on me by my parentage or by some snake in a garden.