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Mischievous Little Girl 2: Ringing Bell Sounds on 2017-11-02

As a somewhat continuation of my first account, I'll describe what else happened in that house. For those who haven't read my first account, I would recommend that you do, although it isn't really essential in order to understand this. First let me give a brief description of the layout of the house...

Mischievous Little Girl on 2017-10-06

This is my first story on this site, I've been reading a lot of them so I decided to share my experience. I've had a few but let's just focus on 1 for now. I live in the UK, London to be more specific. This particular incident happened a few years ago, when I was staying over at my cousins house for...

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Sorry for the late reply and Thanks I'll try finding it 😁

Thanks for explaining, I'm already learning 😁 and yup, everyone who comments here brings out something new that we don't notice.

About the Egyptian Mummy's curse, I've heard of it but I am not sure about the specifics.

That is true, there are no studies unfortunately. 😢

Thanks for your advice, sadly I already do watch some supernatural shows lol but I don't really pay much attention to the supernatural part. I believe that in reality it's really different from what they show.

Also, have you heard about whole families being cursed?

I was just curious, I've always been really interested in the supernatural. Maybe I can learn a few things from you. 😊

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I learn something new every time I'm on YGS 😆


Oh right 😁
By the way, you do research on ghosts?

Just 1 question, did you feel anything strange or see that bruise while you took a shower on the same night?
Date: 2017-11-26

You're Welcome and oh right lol

Also no need to thank me, I really enjoyed reading them so thanks for posting 😆 😆
Date: 2017-11-25

This is so sweet, after reading all of your accounts. I don't know why I feel like Vic has always been there with you, maybe it's just me 😆
Date: 2017-11-19

Hi 😊

I suppose that you don't do ghost hunting anymore but if you do still have that app and you happen to go to a haunted place in the future. I suggest that you download another similar app with good reviews and open them both at the same time, see if they both have same or similar results since you're a skeptic. 😁

It's okay to ask a lot of questions, that means that you thoroughly read my accounts and that you're curious. For which I thank you 😊

You're also right about me not explaining the incidents in detail. Actually it's the first time that I shared them online, so I wasn't really sure what parts to share and which ones not to. But I will keep that in mind for next time.

Now on to your questions:

"What makes you assume that the little girl was the only one causing the disturbances if, after all, there'd be, at least, two other possible entities to blame?"

Like I mentioned, we told ourselves that there was only entity which according to my dad's story was a girl. The other ones we never really payed any attention to and also partly because we heard it (well sort of) when it was turning the door knob.

"Did K and her little brother use to hear the couple arguing every night too, or did the arguments were heard only during the nights you stayed over?"

Now this part was kind of lacking in my story, K has 2 brother's and it was the older brother's room. I'm sure he heard the noises as well but he probably ignored them given his personality and lack of interest in spirits. Also the reason why I didn't mention him in my previous account was because we ruled out completely that it could have been him since he is the serious type and does't like playing pranks and also because he voice is quite deep and not girly.

"Were these arguments the reason why K's brother was afraid to sleep alone in that room, or was only because of natural fear due to his age? Do you know if he ever told his parents the reason for his refusal to spend the nights alone in the room?"

He didn't like to sleep downstairs at all, because he was scared but I will ask him why when I get the chance.

"Is there a chance that K's cat was playing with a toy that make bell sounds that night?"

Soon after they got the kitten, they had to give it away because K's mom got allergic from him. So by the time the bell incident happened they had already given the kitten away.

"I guess either the arguments weren't that scary or you girls learnt to ignore them, otherwise, how could you stay up until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning playing video games while the couple was following their nightly ritual?"

Me and K only slept in that room once and that's when that incident happened after that K got a new T.V in her own room. The reason that I know about the arguments going on every night is because anyone who used to sleep there would say the same thing. K's brother used to have some cousins over sometimes and they would say the exact same thing. Also if we would walk past that room at night especially after 11:00, we would hear them.

"Did you ever ask any of the adults to come to the room and listen to the voices?"

I'm not sure if K or any of her siblings asked the parents but I will ask them when I meet them next time.

Also thanks for your comments. 😊

Thanks for explaining. I think that the mirror was new... Although I'm not really sure and I think that they left it there when they moved out. 😊

Thanks for your comment, K and her family moved out from there around 2 years back I think. Also what's a benign spirit, sorry I'm not really good at this stuff lol


As I mention in my previous story, K is also my cousin from my dad's side so we often go to visit them. 😁
Date: 2017-11-01

Thank you for your reply and you're Welcome! 😊
Date: 2017-11-01
Hi valkricry,

I love all of your accounts, they are so detailed and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us 😊
Date: 2017-10-28

Yeah, at first I kind of hesitated but in the end I had to lol 😆
Date: 2017-10-17
Roy, It was a long time ago so I'm over it now lol
Had a few experiences myself so I don't get that scared now, although nothing like that though 😁
Date: 2017-10-17
It was really weird. Even though I was really young when it happened, I was scared for days after hearing about it. 😕
Date: 2017-10-17

I think that's exactly what happened 😁 I'll write more about the incidents in that house, I think she got angry and started annoying us back lol. Thanks for your comment:)
Date: 2017-10-16

Sorry, my mistake I meant "hallway". Thanks for pointing it out though:)
Date: 2017-10-16
Hi Roy,

Can I call you Roy? Anyways all your stories are really interesting. My aunt had a similar experience once, although her dead friend came in her dream to take her away. She didn't know that her friend was dead until the next day when she tried calling her and heard the news that she had died a few days prior.