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Lighk's pictureHey, i'm Lighk. I've been having what I believe to be supernatural experiences for the past year, and now i'm here hoping someone can give me some answers.
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Blinding Light In The Rain on 2017-10-08

I live in a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood in the rainy state of Oregon. I've never really been a fan of ghost stories, but I feel that my experience is worth telling. It was a rainy night, around 8 PM and I could hear the rain furiously pounding on the roof of my house. It was a nice sound. ...

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Hey Anno_Domini,
I don't think that's possible, since after the light disappears there's nobody, and nothing in its place.
Hey Babygoatpuller,
Other than the warmth, there's nothing that I can feel from the light. It doesn't make any noise, or have much effect on the eyes other than a little pain from the brightness.
I'll probably take your suggestion and see a physician, because I don't want this to keep happening. Thanks for commenting.