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I've retired early on terms inside my control. This has given me more time with family, hobbies and health.

The paradox of my life has been that I'm a "born skeptic with an open mind". Maybe we can all share our experiences and have a bit of a laugh along the way.

Yes - I'm an "Aussie" that thinks he knows a bit about the world but always willing to learn more.
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Deja Vu Driving on 2017-11-09

Not sure whether my experience is quite right for this site (no poetry intended) but in the strict sense of the word it was something other than normal that did not fit into my comfortable skeptic world. I grew up next to Manly Beach in Sydney (Australia), so it was no surprise to my parents that...

Ghost In The Wire? on 2017-10-21

In the summer of January 1989, I was the supervisor of approximately thirty maintenance technicians for a large Australian telephone company, based in Sydney's northern suburbs. Our function was to detect, isolate and fix faults on our customers' telephone lines. To be successful in our roles, we...

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Date: 2017-11-22
Melda, incredible experience and a detailed account over many years. It must have been challenging to recall and put into words. In all probability I'd still be writing it all down (then again my head keeps bumping the PC).

Just a few questions.

Do you think Vic may have been around longer and your two kittens may have alerted you to his presence? I know Dixie's look, when I was living at my mum's place, our cat (Whiskey) would be playing in the lounge room and all of a sudden look up at the wall, then at me. I'd look at the spot on the wall, saw nothing but did get a chill running down my spine.

The orbs of light in the bathroom sound like where he was entering your place.

I also got the impression that he understood your sense of humor and may have played a few tricks just to see you laugh.

I hope Vic has gone to a better place as I think he was a lovable rogue.😁

Date: 2017-11-22
AugustaM - that is so cool to hear from yet another poster that has experienced this phenomena. Emma's observation on the time elapsed rings true. I've heard people say that they don't dream but I wonder if it is more the case that they don't remember dreaming.

You showed a lot of courage jumping off the waterfall. With a few more years of wisdom, would you still jump?

As for me, I have a phobia of heights. While I have jumped off a cliff into deep water I needed a lot of 'psyching up' to get over the edge. It was exhilarating but I only did it once.

Your right, this cannot be coincidence, its just a matter of who was looking after you.

My writing style is who I am. Writing the truth is sometimes painful but a lot easier than fiction. It strikes me that you are a painter (in the literary sense). Reading your comment somehow painted the scene of the river, waterfall and pool. I could see it all. I expect that's a rare talent. I will also keep my eye out for any postings from AugustaM.
Date: 2017-11-22
Don't worry Melda, your secret is safe with me. I think you have more to worry about with those SA Rugby fans (they're rabid).

I used to work with a Canadian expat. That theorized that the land made the people and this was why Canadians, South Africans, Californians and Texans were more likely to get on with Aussies. I couldn't figure out why the Californians but the rest made sense.

Anyway if anyone gives you a hard time tell them they will get a thump on their front door and be confronted by an angry T-rex.
Date: 2017-11-22

I remember the movie - Rex-T on steroids (oops - T-rex) and the Guardians of the Universe guy as the lead hunk (and I'm not talking about Groot - Vin Diesel).

As for Rex, you've got him. He pioneered 'catch and release' in Australia.

Yes, ignore Dr D K at your own peril. He/she will cause you pain in two places - in the mouth and in the wallet.

OK. Its beddy byes time - see you all tomorrow or today or somewhere in the wormhole.
Date: 2017-11-22
Val, thank you for your thoughts

I must say that your mental image of the T-rex trying to post on a PC gave me a bit of a chuckle, although my head does slow me down when trying to put the words together.

Its good to know that others have similar beliefs about 'before and after event feelings'. I may be a skeptic but the proof is there.

Also really happy that you got a giggle out of Melda's joke.

Melda, are you sure you're not an Aussie? No true Aussie ever takes themselves seriously, so (I suspect) that having a joke made about you and then firing one back is all part of the ritual of being welcomed into the club - wise sister.
Date: 2017-11-22
Melda, I've heard that time is an endless loop so I'm happy to give you as much time as you need (I might even throw in a few medals).

The nick name (Rex-T) was given to me by my Testing Staff to reflect my love of fishing. Ironic that after the Smart Phone revolution I was called a dinosaur many times when I had a problem with an App.

Also, they say that the 'Early bird gets the worm', so you be careful in the garden and keep your toothbrush handy.
Date: 2017-11-22
Greetings Melda, so glad you made it. Like Emma & Jubeele, I always look forward to your insights as well.

You've described the 'after event' feeling perfectly. My friends would usually be talking and all of a sudden they would stop and stare blankly ahead. Then just as suddenly they'd say 'Wow, Deja Vu'. We'd ask them about the dream but invariably the answer would be 'I only know the feeling, not any dream'

Having passed relatives looking out for you is a comforting thought on many levels. Conversely, the other stories that I've read seem like a real tragedy.

Aha, leaving earlier or later? Melda, that's incredible intuition! In other accidents that I've had, I would torture myself with the 'What Ifs' (What if I'd left earlier', 'What if I had gone that way instead', etc) I've only just realized that I never did that in this instance.

The truckie just kept on going past the truck stop. I doubt that he would have had any vision of what was happening right behind him.

To have a stranger turn up with the dustpan and brush did make me wonder if somehow this was all arranged. Being a surf lifesaver, you learn to recognize that haunted look in people's eyes - their way of telling you that they've seen too much and they are going into shock. Anyway, as soon as I looked him in the eye, I knew that he had been 'around the block a few times', as you stated.

As for Gidget? There you go, I just had a voice growl in my ear 'treat ladies with respect and keep your mouth shut, son'.

Date: 2017-11-21
Ah, Emma & Jubeele, two out of my three favorite posters (I'm sure Melda's comments will be on the way soon). Thanks for reading my first 'what the...' experience.

Skeptic that I am, there comes a time when you cannot ignore your inner feelings. To last two days, I agree that it was powerful and I have never experienced that exact feeling again. However, I did find the courage to tell my surfing brothers what happened and their reaction was silence (not laughter). Eventually one of them admitted that he had the same feeling after escaping a near death experience in the surf. Then they all started chiming in with their own stories. Usually this feeling would come on them after the event.

I'm a firm believer that this phenomenon does happen to a lot of people but they'd rather laugh it off, than admit it.

When I get a feeling that tells me 'NO DON'T DO IT', I often wonder if it was Dad or survival instinct shouting in my ear. I really don't know the answer.

One thing I do know is that it takes a lot of courage to do your duty knowing that nobody will ever know what you did (Yeh, my Aunty got his war records and there were large parts blacked out).

As for Gidget, well, what do the politicians say? 'No comment'.

Date: 2017-11-20
I was expecting you to say that it was the 'Duke' but then I realized that all the furniture in the rooms would have been wrecked.

For both you and your husband to hear the commotion makes me wonder if the duty manager knew more than he was telling you. I'd bet that other couples had complained in the past.

Shear brilliance getting married in Levis!

Hope that you will always look back on this night with fondness.

Date: 2017-11-17
Thanks Michael for sharing your experience.

Was this place Phantom Hill? It certainly sounds like it (without the thunder and lightning).

It's funny that us 'skeptics' tend to be experts in hindsight. In this case however, a calm night and a leaf on the underside of your arm? Doesn't add up.

I'd have to admit that someone/something was looking out for you.

I hope (in hindsight) that is a comforting thought.
Date: 2017-11-16
DarkAngelx91, I'm sure that there are many people out there (including me) that would be nodding their heads and recalling similar experiences when using their mobile phones.

I said similar but not the same.

My weird experiences would always be when I'm driving and talking to my fishing buddy on where to launch the boat. I would be talking and eventually realize I was talking to myself. When we'd meet at the boat ramp an argument would start up about the rudeness of hanging up on someone mid-sentence. We finally figured out that the problem was driving through 'black spots' (low signal areas).

Your problem appears to be different as (I'm assuming) that your mother and you were both stationary.

If this is the case, a few questions that might help you towards finding an answer either in this world or somewhere else. Has this incident happened since? Did you have any luck checking the caller ID from your phone? Do you usually have good signal strength in this area?

When I was working in the telecommunications industry, I'm sure somebody famous told me that success was not only defined by finding the answer but how much fun you had along the way.

All the best and thanks for sharing your experience.
Date: 2017-11-14
Greetings ERINISAWESOME. Like the others, I'm so glad that you responded.

I was a little frustrated as I had one burning question - 'Is there going to be a part 2'?

I liken this to reading a really good story, getting to the end and then finding this was part 1 of a trilogy... Nooooooo.

I do realize that, in real life people move on and the end is sometimes unclear. Just got to hope it's a happy ending. 😁
Date: 2017-11-12
All, Valkricry makes a valid point, if it was a new experience the OP may still be in shock, so they're not ready to discuss or possibly not thinking clearly about the events.
I have got a question or two, for instance the date of registration and submition being on the same day. Is that a usual occurrence? Maybe I'm reading too much into this because it was submitted the day before Halloween.
Also, the story is well written (no spelling, grammar mistakes, no abbreviations LOL). Hey, but what would I know, I'm still only a grasshopper.
Date: 2017-11-11
Melda, you surprise me. The first few episodes of the TV series 'Kung Fu' introduced Grasshopper who had to snatch the pebble from his master's hand to leave the temple.

You may/may not have seen it growing up. At the time, it was ground breaking stuff for us learners. I've been a grasshopper ever since.

Pop trying to communicate with your hubby (for me) is sad. There was so much I wanted to say and do with my dad but never got the chance.
Date: 2017-11-10
lilpeachyghost, have you had any luck tracking down the source of the ringing? I must still be subconsciously looking, as I've heard those bells a couple of times and looked around to see where the sound is coming from. Unfortunately mobile phones both times.

Jayejay, what a waste of talent - a carpenter who knows something about phone lines. To risk pulling a prank like that tells me the carpenter did not have a good relationship with the house owner.
Date: 2017-11-08
L_Melb and Jubeele
Many years ago, my mum asked me to go to the club and put each way bets on three numbers in the Melbourne Cup. The three took out 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings - the trifecta paid out $25,000. I was horrified that whoever gave mum the numbers didn't tell her to box all 3 for the trifecta. She told me these were her three lucky numbers in the star guide of the local newspaper.

This experience scarred me for life. I never bet on a Melbourne Cup again. 😢

The next posting is on the way but it was 6 BA (6 years Before Arthur).
Date: 2017-11-06
Greeting L_Melb. It's really good to hear from a member of the corporate family.
My wife was also part of the family (Yes - an office romance) and she is always encouraging me to write a book on my 20 years of fixing telephone lines and the people I encountered.
This was my first attempt at relating an extraordinary experience in the written word while maintaining the truth and the customer's privacy. No easy feat, so I'm happy that you enjoyed the story.
Have a great Melbourne Cup Day. 😊
Emmaline I enjoyed your story on many levels.
The traffic jams took me back to when my wife and me were touring the American South West. We were approaching San Francisco from the north and we got stuck in a traffic jam just after the "rainbow tunnel". The jam lasted all the way over the Golden Gate Bridge but the tour group didn't care as we were all taking snaps of the harbor and Alcatraz.
I was also reminded of this year's Nobel Physics Award for the detection of gravity waves that not only warp gravity but also time. I wonder if you could have driven into and out of one of these waves.
You could always keep this one up your sleeve and try it out on Boss Wolfe or some other psycho boss next time you're late.
Hey Melda, just read your story about your computer and skeptic son Kevin. Couldn't help but notice that it is still drawing comments (as it should!).
Having been exposed to minor electric shocks while working on telephones, I am a bit concerned about what you felt prior to your computer (PC) having a fit. If you think that you could have been shocked please get your PC and power cord inspected by a qualified electrician.
If the ghostly visitor was the problem, could she/he/it have been 'miffed' because all your attention was on the PC and decided a more direct approach was needed to announce their presence? May have been Arthur as I suspect that he would have gotten into the Internet by now!
As for Kevin, try to make it to Canada in this life. Just make sure you've got the camera primed to take that "whiter shade of pale" shot.
Date: 2017-10-30
Hi Melda, sorry to keep you in suspense!

Edited version of Wikipedia on crosswords mythology is that it signifies the transition between this world and other worlds. In the UK, criminals were buried at the crossroads, being outside the settlement and the convergence of roads would confuse the spirits.

After nearly thirty years of meeting a lot of characters since then, I still believe Mrs. Smith was quite sane and 'easy going'.

As for the fault on her line I'd say that we've got a 50% chance of it being in this world and 50% chance of it being somewhere else, which brings us back to the crossroads. 😁