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I'm just a mystery to myself and others.
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Stange Occurrences/spirits Talking Through Texts on 2017-10-12

Theres been quite a few issues revolving around me and the spirits that surround me, that issue being that they are so damn talkative and love talking to me and my girlfriend through use of my phone's messenger. I have grown used to it being able to see a spirit's presence (has faded over time) ...

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Thats okay toxic, I just posted it so others can just read and comment.
Your name can be your greatest strength or your worst weakness, if a demon learns your name it can attach itself to you. There is one demon that tried to possess me but failed and she knows my name now, Luna keeps saying the "stalker" demon has the same presence as the one that attempted possession on me. I do take the advice of the spirits, phoenix doesn't talk much but she always alerts luna if something is coming. In a way they feel like a combative unit in a way. Its weird at times with how they act as a group.
Update: (sorry for any typos I'm very tired as of writing this)

Not being able to sleep is annoying. I spoke with the spirit Osiris today and asked him about some of my memories to see if he would know anything. All he would say to me is "don't get possessed" he wouldn't even elaborate on what he meant by that. He did add one thing though he said "we will try to protect you as much as we can. Now sleep you have work in the morning" i'm a little puzzled by his words and the incident with the "stalker" demon that tailed me a few nights prior. I'm lucky mother gave me the ring that bares my religious simble on it. Being a pagan - its a pentagram, I was attacked by a spirit at one point and I felt hands around my neck tightly against my windpipe and I pressed my hand with the ring against my neck and the hands had let go.
Also, the blackouts could personally be caused by the fact that I do, time to time have days of no sleeping. Luna cleared some of it up for me, she says hi to everyone by the way. She also wanted to add somethings to the story,

She is a spirit that attached itself to me at birth because my mother asked her to be my guardian and ensure my safety throughout my life. The others are just friendly spirits that I befriended when I was an infant. And the memory loss was do to head trauma when my brother dropped me by accident causing me to have to be rushed to the hospital (was about 8 months old) and my health is perfectly fine just I need to lay off the chocolate for a long time.

Shes like a mother sometimes.
Melda, its okay if you use this section to get ahold of someone, also I do have a knack for writing being one for fantasy- this is a true story and the black outs have stopped since I can speak with them freely now. I am more concerned that I have a demonic entity stalking me at night.

No new incident today just spent time with Rinoa cuz halloween and birthday.

Also please keep the comments helpful and friendly. I would personally appreciate it. I am a first time poster on here. And I would rather my experience be a pleasant one. Now I'm going to passout from the death by chocolate kitkat and m&m chocolate cake I bought Rinoa
Now I understand why my mother's fortune teller who doesn't even know me called me a clairvoyant and wants me to come in for aid in furthering my abilities. But I rather keep my vision the way it is, I feel if I can see them better it will lead me to a great deal of harm.
Update: new incident,

During my walk home today Luna actually spoke aloud and not through text it took me by surprise but she sounded pleasent and her tone was extremely worried saying "what ever you do, do not look behind you, something is following." It was nightfall at the time. After she said that I had noticed another spiritual presence other than luna's (she is the only one that tags along with me on walks) I felt as if the second spirit meant a great deal of harm. So I heeded her heads up and made it home safely but I did look back once I got in the house and saw a cloud of a kind of black smoke with a gaping hole in the shape of a smile. I am greatful I listened to luna.
They show no signs of a demonic essence, which is the extent of what I can see these day and its been about 7 years that they have been with me. My mother is a high priestess that always blesses the house and they never see effected by it. I should have mentioned it earlier, though they always cause me to blackout if I stay up too late into the night. I do barely get much sleep anyway because of book reading and horror movies.
Im okay and my health is okay, I see no issues because the blackouts only occure when they decide to talk but its not affecting anything from working and only occures when I am at home laying down. It feels that they are cautious about where an when I am.
Edit for last comment: the messages that i'd woke up to where sent during my blackout.
Stupid email sent this to my spam folder, hence why I haven't gotten back to anyone. The title was just because I didn't know what else to put. There was times when I blacked out and woke up to messages sent to my girlfriend, with what you said, Susan, that may be the case for the blackout for me.