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Strange Goings On In Psychiatric Hospital on 2017-10-29

My story is from 2008 and at the time I was working at a psychiatric ward. I had been there for over four years and at time I would sense something in particular parts of the hospital but never saw anything. However the feeling of being watched as you entered corridors and passed doorways was alway...

My Encounter With A Doppelganger on 2017-10-14

This encounter begins with my everyday working week commute to work. As I only live within 5 miles I usually run or cycle there as a way maintaining my fitness. I believe this is relevant to the story because it suggests that I wasn't in some kind of state of sleep but quite the opposite. This is ...

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Evening from England Emmaline,
The hospital doesn't have cctv cameras inside as this would add to the paranoia of its service users.
I think you're right with malevolent energy being drawn/attracted to troubled individuals. Although my experience was about a particular room there are or appear to be a few hot spots around the hospital.
I still work at the hospital but in another capacity and i'm grateful of being able to finish my day earlier and avoid more freaky moments!
Jubelee, I think you've hit the nail on the head there. Places like Psychiatric hospitals absorb energy and maybe the associated trauma leaves its mark in incidents like I experienced.
The overwhelming feeling I got from certain areas was so strong but needs dictated that at times you had to spend quite lengthy periods there.
You could feel the pressure release as you moved away but only to dread having to go back.
As I had said colleagues past and present would relay stories where there were 'intelligent' knocking on doors late at night only for there to be no-one there.
Again this was quite unnerving for them because they were stationed for hourly intervals meaning they could not leave.
I have not had any other experiences there mainly due to switching job roles.
Thanks for reading
Evening Limey
I wish I was off to see Michelle Pfeiffer Ha!
Maybe it was her brummie sister?
On a serious note. Its not something my collegue would have done, he's a straight up guy. I've past the spot on numerous occasions since and half expect to experience another dose of weirdness.
Hello Ygs members.
I stated that I wasn't going to partake in a discussion about the events that happened in my story but on reflection i'll clear up a few points
1 The car was travelling at a crawling speed so I was able to see it and the driver very clearly
2 The vehicle is familiar to me as I have been in it as a passenger on numerous occasions
3 There was no reason for my colleague to pretend that he didn't see me. I've known the person in question for over 13 years.
4 The 'double' appeared to mock me if that makes sense but this wasn't apparent until after I had experienced the incident.
5 This incident occured on the ascent of the Gravelly Hill turn off from the Salford Bridge in Erdington Bham.
The event confuses me to this day. I too have heard of doppelgangers but seeing the vehicle also makes it more perplexing. Can a vehicle be recreated? Why did I see this 'double'? Was it some kind of time travel? I still can't figure it.