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Sinister on 2017-10-18

The strange occurrence am going to share didn't happened to me. It actually happened to my elder sister. And she asked me to share it with you all guys. So fast forward to the occurrence. My elder sister is in her late twenties, married and a mother of twin daughters. In 2013, when she was pregnan...

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Date: 2017-10-28
Yes shushant... We are aware of ojhaas... And we strictly avoid them. As far as the matter of that amulet, we also were surprised about its origin and inquired further from my own mom and we were told that it was true. However there is no explanation behind it. Thanks for reading and commenting...😊
Date: 2017-10-27
Thanks lady-glow and jubeele for reading my story and also for commenting. As per your concern, I need to tell that amulets (brought only from some holy place like temple) are sometimes worn in our community and also their worth can not be denied to some extent... Its all about faith. Thats why sister's mother in law didn't think much about it... But later she realised it and this has been the topic of talk at their home many a times... And about neighbour, we don't think she meant anything harmful. They have been known to each other for long...