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Nevena Mandic
Serbia and Montenegro
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Haunted Village House on 2017-10-18

I started living with my grandparents about 4 years ago without knowing how that would change me and my thinking forever. We live in a small village in west Serbia and its the kind of place where everyone knows each other. At first I didn't notice anything strange, I started hearing footsteps go...

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Date: 2017-12-01
Roylynx - I would like to think there is one spirit that is causing everything that happens in the house.

Jubeele - I wouldn't say there is negativity, I do live alone with my grandparents, my parents are not really much around, I suffer from depression and have experienced personal trauma but that was years ago. My grandparents are great with me and we are very close, the only negativity is when I have one of my episodes.
Yea it sucks but I have support from my friends and it kind of helps cope with everything. Yes, I still experience things, almost daily. I want to try meditation and I feel sort of stupid for saying this, but I'm kind of scared to try and relax because I don't want to be vunerable for any sort of activity and to be honest I can get easily scared by that. But I agree I should at least try, so thank you so much for your tips.
Date: 2017-11-30
roylynx - yes, I reread the story and I can see why there could be confusion, the first event, with my friends on the balcony, was at night, the other event, with the scream happened in the afternoon. Two separate events.

Jubeele - I live away from that part, but I agree with him very much. At first it was a startled kind of fear, later on I actually started to be very scared. I'm not sure, maybe fear is clouding my judgement, but the more I experience the more scared I am.
I really wouldn't know. My family is very closed off, they won't talk about those things with me, their past, actually every time I mention something is happening in this house they just dissmiss it, even though my grandmother wittnessed some things with me too.
At this point I'm not even sure how to ask them that honestly, they look so sick of me asking about it and they get mad, so I finally stopped mentioning it. I actually thought I just do my own room, I will look it up, thanks.