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I am a lover of cooking, music, wine, oil painting, antique furniture, and great ghost stories. I work in marketing & on weekends I can be found making goat's milk soap, repainting the kitchen, braising lamb, or curled up with a Nabokov novel. I currently reside in rural Oregon with a handsome Italian man and a feisty black & white border collie.
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White Robed Figures on 2017-11-08

This event took place in the winter of 2011, when I had just relocated from Portland back to my hometown in rural Oregon. My house was built by my maternal grandparents in the 1960's. After they were both gone, my mom didn't have the heart to sell or lease the house. So, here I am. The property s...

Signs From A Friend on 2017-11-07

I have changed the names of people mentioned in this story except for Seth's. In 2006, some friends of ours got married outside of Portland. We attended Jake & Sarah's wedding and made a lot of new friends, mostly from Seattle, where the bride & groom were both from. One new Seattle friend stood ...

Elizabeth & The House On Alberta on 2017-10-27

I will preface this story by saying I am very open-minded to the paranormal and do believe ghosts or spirits exist... However, the logical side of me always tries to find an explanation before deeming something "paranormal". Some things cannot be explained. Here are some of them. Portland, OR in...

Calling For Noah on 2017-10-27

This is my first post here, so please be kind! I've had many what I would describe as paranormal experiences throughout my life. My earliest memories are of my 5 or 6 year-old self late at night, snuggled in bed. I'm not sure I'd classify this as a "ghost story" but I feel like I should start sharin...

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Jubeele - WOW, on top of a Chinese cemetery... Yikes! 😨
Who knows - I am generally the only one who gets in that closet, so I like to think it was Elizabeth, too. 😉 Slipping something under the tree for her is a great idea!

Emmaline - Good grief, me too! I just about went bonkers looking for it.
Dimes, really?! That is crazy! Dimes aren't really something you'd just find lying around without something strange going on. Cute story! Love it.

Thanks for the comments, loves!
Hi everyone! Well, I asked very nicely to please return or help me find the dang missing cushion case. Prepping the guest room for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday yesterday, I was finally getting around to putting laundry away. I opened the closet door, and there it is hanging right in front. 😳 I said thank you.

Now... I should also add that in my frantic searching, my mom asked if I'd looked in that closet. I said, "Ha! No way I'd put it in that closet, it's a black hole, and I know better!" Meaning... It's stuffed to the gills with clothes & shoes, and quite... Messy. I am a tidy person but storage places are another story.

Odd to say the least. I find it hard to believe I'd put the case there & forget, but stranger things have happened!
Date: 2017-11-08
Well friends, I messaged my youngest cousin tonight and asked if he or his folks ever had any strange experiences at the house or property - nope. And apparently the old bunkhouse has long been torn down, he didn't even know it had existed. 😢 I'm kind of disappointed and saddened that the bunkhouse doesn't stand any longer... I feel like the whole property has been wiped clean of our existence there.

Thank you again for the comments & interest! I feel that this "case" is deemed open-ended, so onto the next! Be well. ❤
I am loving all this feedback, you guys! Thank you!

Jubeele, YES! Love that idea! And I'll bring the wine & cheese!

Manafon & Jubeele, these are excellent points & theories. Manafon, the story about the manifestation your wife saw is insane! I can't imagine what I'd do if something like that visited me, bedside.

The Alberta house was (and still is) a rental for over 30 years, so who knows what kind of energy is pent up there. I've tried looking up properly history on it without luck. I suppose we'll never know what really caused those things to happen to me, but keep the ideas comin'!
Emmaline, that is terrifying! Cool experience, but yikes... I'm not sure what I'd do in your situation, or your sister's situation. I feel bad for the child spirit. It makes me think that the "evil" presence is holding him hostage somehow.

It would be really interesting to comb old newspapers at the library for any information on that property - sounds like it has quite the sordid past!

Don't ever apologize for the long explanations... I am the queen of yammering on!
Emma - OH my GOSH - that had not even crossed my mind! I wouldn't say I found the vibrating to be threatening, more alarming and... Electrical somehow? I'm not sure how to describe it but it was definitely scary to me. Sort of like when you're standing under a row of those enormous power lines. And yes, it DID stop when I felt the pressure of sitting! Huh. This is more interesting to me now, haha!

You have just blown my mind today - thank you! 😆
Hey, it's worth a shot! I will ask tonight when I get home, and update everyone if something happens. We shall see! 😜

Thank you, I love your stories as well! Don't you wish we could all sit in the same room & gab about this stuff all day?
WOW! What an incredible story! I was almost nervous to read to the end... What a crazy experience. My first thought was the 13 year old boy was who warned you... Is that your impression also? 😨
Hi Emmaline! Thank you for commenting. I do think it makes more sense to have at least two spirits in the house, and I like your theory. Often it takes another set of eyes (or a dozen sets) for something to make sense!

Haha! I love your take on "no, that just won't do." Too funny... I can picture that also. I am a perfectionist, so she darn well should know by now that I won't stop until it's just right. Sheesh... I just wish it would turn up. I have quite literally looked in every nook & cranny of my house!
Date: 2017-11-08
Wow, crazy story! I realize this is an old one, but I'm just coming across your writings... I'm excited to read more. Thanks for sharing! 😊
Date: 2017-11-08
Hi Mannerizms, sad story. I agree with Melda; even though you were understandably alarmed, it may help a troubled spirit find peace if he were acknowledged. Part of the reason for his suicide could be because he felt that no one "heard him" while he was living. Of course that's speculation, but if you happen to hear him again, you might ask how you can help. Good luck!
Hi, all! Thank you for the feedback!

Manafon1: Definitely not a rocking sensation - it was a pretty intense vibration like someone was running a blender under the bed. Never felt anything quite like it.

Jubeele: HA! I should have left her some pretties! You would think she'd stick with the couch if that were indeed the real source of the activity. I try to be as skeptical as possible with these types of things, and the activity waned after we moved into the new place. Perhaps Analise had her wires crossed & was picking up on more than one energy as Melda mentioned. Who knows. I do hope that she/they are at peace now.

Melda: It does make you wonder. I feel like one entity wouldn't necessarily do the sitting/vibrating/talking/walking by... But I'm of course not an expert! We did indeed take the couch with us - I still have the dang thing and actually just reupholstered it.

But, I could be wrong about Elizabeth not following my sofa. On a strange & related note: I wrote & submitted this story last week. In February of this year, I bought a really nice fabric to reupholster my beloved piece. It looks fantastic - did the deep-button tufting & all that. However, I am not a seamstress and the cushions require sewing. A friend of mine is a master on the sewing machine, so I had her help me start on the cushion covers - this would have been in April of this year (yes, a weekend project turned into months... Embarrassing). Anyway, I did the middle (square) cover myself, and *brought it home* to show my other half my handiwork. I discovered that I'd flubbed one seam very badly, and raw fabric (the wrong side) was hanging out of the "right side"... It looked awful. I put it with the rest of my fabric & supplies, and figured my seamstress friend could fix it later.

WELL... We are now into November and I somehow made it through the summer without couch cushions (it's surprisingly comfy without them! 😁). I always host Thanksgiving, so figured it was time to get the things finished, and I called my friend to schedule a drop-off of fabric & patterns on Sunday afternoon. I got to her house & started unpacking everything: 3 cushions, the patterns for the covers, bolt of fabric, the cording, and the dang middle cushion cover I messed up - which wasn't there. I went back home, tore the house apart and cannot find it ANYWHERE. I'm very organized with my upholstery supplies & especially with the cover I worked on because it was such a pain! (If you've ever made your own piping, you'd guard it with your life!) It's like the thing just vanished.

I'm now wondering if I "woke something up" by writing about Elizabeth & the couch. 🙄 Sigh. Pretty frustrated at this point... I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry!
Date: 2017-11-07
Well, thank you! I do think I needed to talk about it some... Family affairs can indeed get pretty messy. I'm so sorry to hear yours are scattered... I hope the miracle (or curse!) of social media & the interwebs can help you gather your family once again.:)

I am definitely interested in asking my cousin if he heard the woman growing up. He's several years younger than I am, so would have been about the same age when they moved into that house prior to leveling it. Now comes the challenge of bringing it up so I don't sound like a loon! 😁
Date: 2017-11-07
Thank you for reading, Jubeele! I distinctly remember the voice to sound female, probably a younger woman, in her 20's or 30's if I had to guess. I've always "felt" that it was a woman looking for her son.

Family feuds are the worst! I'm sorry to hear you've been through one as well. Mine happened in 1987 or '88 when my grandfather passed; my dad is the youngest of 3 kids. I would find out years later that the family estate was worth a very large chunk of money. My dad's two older siblings (a brother & a sister) are/were of the not very nice sort - my dad's mother, a million times worse. How my dad ended up a solid, sane person with a mother like his, I'll never know. My grandmother drank vodka all day long, and once scolded my mom for holding me "too much" when I was an infant... She told her to just keep me in a playpen with a bottle (that's what she did to my dad & his siblings). My aunt got pregnant in high school - my grandmother deemed her a nymphomaniac, had her sterilized after giving birth to my cousin and had her get shock treatments... You know, totally logical stuff here. 🙄

At any rate, dad & my grandfather were very close - he was the favorite, hence the reason they farmed together, and why we leased the property. This didn't sit well with my aunt & uncle, who teamed up with "grandmother" to write my dad out of the will. They also forced us off our property. Dad hired an attorney to fight it, but my mom didn't want any part of a financial fight... She said it wasn't worth the pain. They took what money they had and bought a house & business in town. We had a fresh start. Of course I thought this was the coolest thing ever, not knowing what was really going on.

My uncle married a Native American woman in the 80's and they adopted a baby from Iran...I'll call him David. They lied to everyone & said the baby was also Native American... To this day, I don't know if David even knows he's actually Persian. They ended up moving into our old house on the ranch and selling all the surrounding farmland. They tore down the house (and the bunkhouse) and put in a manufactured home. 😢

I apologize for rambling here... I know you didn't ask for the details, haha! I'm only sharing because just in the past six months, I have reconnected with my estranged cousins through social media. My uncle had a daughter from a previous marriage - David put me in touch with her, and through her I was able to find my aunt's daughter. It has been absolutely amazing catching up with them & trying to piece together all the nonsense that happened back then. After posting this story, my curiosity in the property & history is definitely piqued! I am also curious to find out if they had any experiences akin to mine... I will update if I find out!

(again, sorry for all the rambling!)
Oh, Emmaline! I popped over to your profile to read your stories to find that I already have... Before I had even registered. They are fantastic stories, and this I found particularly riveting. I have a child ghost story of my own that I hope to share soon. I have one waiting in the wings to be approved & posted, so stay tuned. Thank you for sharing! I am so happy I found this little community! ❤
Manafon - I am just getting around to reading this one... What a cool story! The nightly arguing is interesting, especially the possibility of it being a residual imprint of a living person. The theory of your rocking ghost & the woman turning out the light is very sweet & touching. Thank you for sharing - I look forward to reading the rest of your catalog!:)
Date: 2017-11-06
Hi, Melda & EmmalineTexas! Thank you both for reading & for the kind words. I have no idea if my parents ever experienced anything there... I will try to bring it up at Thanksgiving and see what I can get out of them - hopefully I'll have something to add to the story in the coming weeks! 😊 Now I need to concoct an ice-breaker so I can bring it up tactfully!
Date: 2017-11-03
Thank you for the kind words, Manafon! Ugh, hearing a couple arguing every night doesn't sound pleasant... I will check out your story - I'm intrigued now.

I have thought of this voice over the years & could never find an explanation for it. I'm now 36 years old, and we have deer (among many other animals) in the yard & surrounding areas year-round... Never have I heard anything close to the "Noah" bit.
Date: 2017-10-31
Val, your stories are riveting! Needless to say I am getting very little done on this Halloween day... Your accounts have me absolutely captivated. This is a wonderful, heart-warming story. Thank you! ❤
Dreyk, I absolutely LOVE your writing! These stories are interesting & captivating... You've inspired me to sign in & share my own accounts rather than just lurking around here. Thank you for sharing & please give us more!