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The Guardian Storm And The Demonic Intruder on 2017-11-29

This was the first time I've ever experienced paranormal activity. These events occurred two, years ago. My family and I moved from Florida, to Indiana so we could live near my father's relatives. My parents purchased a two story house built in 1990 from the owners' daughter. The previous owner want...

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Lady glow to answer your questions first the sensitive did not meet the original owner until after the cleansing second Cyclone requested to be allowed to stay at our home I don't know why but I'm sure he has his reasons and yes my little brother interacts with him from time to time and as for my little sister she named him Mr. Cyclone and has tea party's with him regularly as for his family they accept his choice to stay here I'm 90% sure he means no harm
Lady-glow the sensitive asked the previous family if they had any clue cyclones father said while his mother was grief stricken over his death she used a Ouija board to try and talk to cyclone the sensitive believed the demon sensed her terrible state and came through the board and as for the cleansing the sensitive and my mother did it with sage and holy water
We do still see cyclone every now and then I've spoken with the previous family apparently cyclone was a nickname he was given since he had been fascinated with weather at a young age and as for the glare his mother told me he was a I think it's called a perpetual frowner or in am and resting b**** face