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There are a few things that might make me a bit different from the average person visiting here. First, I suspect I am likely older than most which means lots of life experience. Second, I travelled the world for 30 years, which broadens my experience base. Third, I was born to an extraordinarily psychic and spiritual mother, and have inherited a small percentage of her gift.

Most of the information that comes to me is through dreams, though certainly not always. I was also taken in spirit to "the other side" for 40 minutes following a severe illness. In yet another experience I encountered a spiritual entity that resulted in a contest of wills and a physical struggle. My life has had many unusual occurrences.

What I will write here has happened to me. I pass it on that you might know what is possible during our earthly existence.
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An Unexpexted Shove Into The Future on 2017-12-27

Ghost stories bring to mind creaking hinges, gloomy basements, lost souls and apparitions. Not so this time. In fact, there was no ghost at all in the ghostly sense. But there was something invisible that didn't hesitate to give me a good stout shove when it counted. Perhaps this will be of interest...

Messages From The Newly Dead on 2017-12-05

It was 1991 as I recall. An unknown member of my extended family sought to gather the clan by organizing a family reunion. I was contacted by this person, a second cousin, and invited to attend. This was a bit unusual as our family had scattered across the country long before the invention of the pe...

A Mother's Kiss on 2017-11-19

It was August 1981 when my telephone rang. It was my brother-in-law calling to tell me my 66 year old mother had been found down and unresponsive on her front lawn. An ambulance had taken her to a local hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Within an hour a second call confirmed her death. I quickly made r...

Fredericksburg, Va House Haunting on 2017-11-14

In 1992 I rented a house in Fredericksburg, Virginia following several years of living abroad. It was a rather pleasant house, a ranch design, in an older neighborhood. There were many large trees that gave shade in the summer, and a wooded area behind the house. Along with friendly neighbors and a ...

Mr. Riggs Walks on 2017-11-12

On March 2, 2004 I adopted a nearly 3 year old male Miniature Schnauzer (dog) named Mugsy. He was to be a replacement for my recently passed Schnauzer, also known as Mugsy. The matching names seemed to be coincidence. That they both walked with an occasional catch in their right hip seemed to be som...

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That's quite a story. Thank you for submitting it.

You have brought to mind the two questions I have when this sort of thing happens:

Who is it that watches over you (us) as you/we make our way through life?

Who is it that loves you (us) so much that they would do this for you (us)?

I don't expect you to have the answer, Mavvey, but I bet you would like to know. I know I want to know. Perhaps someone who reads this will know.

Welcome to YGS. I hope you enjoy the stories.


I'm inclined to agree with you.

If there is no reasonable hope for the patient to be returned to an acceptable quality of life, the exercise may be pointless and unnecessarily painful to all concerned.

Needless to say, I do not wish to bring about death prematurely.

Close consultation with the medical professionals should be helpful in making a sound decision.

This person is 80 years old and in naturally declining health. Prior to this condition developing we had no expectation of her having a bright future with many years to live. This illness is severe enough that there may be no need to make a choice.

Today's developments indicate a slight improvement.

If she can be returned to the life she knew, we welcome it. If this is her end, we accept it and will make the appropriate choice. It would be cruel folly to let her linger pointlessly.

Thank you for your input and taking time to write. Shared wisdom is always welcome.
Thank you, ladies, for the kind words.

The most recent medical assessment shows slight improvement. That is a significant upgrade from the initial expectation of not surviving the first night of hospitalization, or the emergency surgery. During that surgery she was nearly lost three times. The outcome of all this is unpredictable.

We will do all we can by making the best choices possible.

A lesson I learned long ago was that people generally make the best decisions they can with the information available at the time. A new day may bring new information and decisions or choices may need to be revisited and reassessed. In general, I avoid second guessing my decisions.

That bit of information, along with $5.00, will get you a decent cup of coffee almost anywhere.

Somehow it seemed appropriate to toss that in as a lesson learned.

Less than 72 hours ago a family member who stayed with us during Christmas was hospitalized. The following morning she had emergency surgery due to a very severe infection of the stomach and intestines.

Getting directly to the point of this message, it may be necessary to make the decision to remove her life support.

A meeting with her medical staff should help determine if her condition is survivable, and what quality of life is expected should she make it through treatment.

There is a choice to be made. If there is no reasonable expectation of survival we will remove life support. I regard this decision as a humanitarian necessity and a pragmatic option.

As it stands as of this writing, she will never live independently again. Her most likely option is to be placed in a nursing home. She will now have a colostomy bag, be on kidney dialysis, and has lost her ability to walk. Her internal organs (kidneys, liver etc.) are nearly disfunctional.

I personally heard her ask "How much longer will this go on?" when she was with us during the holidays. She said that after walking 15 feet and being helped up two stairs.

I do not send you this, Maggie, to open an old wound. I share this with you because life happens and illness and death occur. Decisions must be made.

In a previous response to you I said you are not a murderer. When illness or injury make the continuance of life impossible, and competent medical professionals are present, ending life support is a reasonable choice.

Depending on what the doctors have to say, and in concurrence with the rest of the involved family members, we are about to make that choice. I have no qualms about making the right choice, whatever that might be. I feel not the slightest guilt should it be the best choice to remove life support.

I was in your corner before and I'm in your corner now. This time it is my finger on the trigger.

Live your life, Maggie, let the wound heal. There is no guilt in making the right choice.

Thank you for sending me your personal story about messages from the grave.

I would like you know that as the father of a daughter, my youngest child, my heart sorrows at learning of your daughter's passing. There are no words known to me that can truly comfort such a loss. I suspect you have many friends here. Take heart that your loss is shared amongst caring souls.

In writing this story I was simply passing on my experience to other folks who have an interest in such things. I did not expect to have accounts such as yours sent in response. Those responses are clearly more significant than the information I presented initially. You and other contributors have gotten my full attention.

I have searched the internet using "telephone calls from the dead" and "phone calls from the dead" as the topic. I found loads of information that indicate to me that this phenomenon is more common and widespread than I expected. It has also been the topic of science fiction and paranormal writers. The American television series "Twilight Zone" aired at least one episode with telephone calls from the dead as the subject. The time frame for that program was the late 1950's-early 1960's.

The dead are apparently not as dead as most people generally believe. My view is that human bodies fail due to illness, accident or age. The occupant departs to another location. We process the body and mourn the loss, sometimes in despair and agony. In reality, the occupant has moved on rather than becoming truly deceased.

I have been out of my body a dozen times. When that happened I was still me. The only change was not carrying a load of bone and muscle around with me. I think at death the out of body experience become permanent as it relates to that particular body.

I do not believe the dead to be dead. I think they are as alive as we are. We are simply no longer co-located in the flesh. That they choose to communicate is no longer a surprise. After having multiple out of body experiences and an NDE, I believe graveside sorrow to be natural, but it need not be heart rending. Loved ones live and we will see them again.

All personal opinion, of course. All are welcome to disagree and/or share their views as we come together to share and learn.
Well, MaggyMay_Not, you are in for a treat. I'm about to write a story that will illustrate what happens when the nudge, push or shove is ignored.

The things I write about have happened to me personally. I do not hesitate to record my experiences for two reasons. First and foremost, I want people to know what is possible as we journey through life. I suspect that there are a great many people who may not be aware of what exists within the realm of reality. In truth, there is more to the human experience than the physical world visible to the naked eye.

The second reason is more selfish. I have wanted to put my encounters in print for years. Some experiences are decades old. It is wonderful to be getting this done. I feel as though the proverbial weight has been lifted. You see, in 2015 I had a dream in which I was told with clarity that I would pass between 2016 and 2019. It remains to be seen how accurate that dream will prove to be. On the mark or not, I just want this project done.

Your assessment of my personal traits is correct. From you I would expect nothing less. You have quite a gift.

I would be a pompous fool to take this opportunity to bore you with the details of my background. Just consider me an average geezer. Those who know me might describe me as somewhat less than average

What wasn't average was my father's behavior, as he seemed to work earnestly in an apparent attempt to beat me to death as a young child. My lot in life was hunger and poverty; my wardrobe the clothing I stood in. Johnny Cash's recording about "A Boy Named Sue" comes to mind. I learned to stand my ground.

Years later, my life had totally reversed itself. I lived and worked with substantial prestige and privilege.

How does one go from one station in life to the other? Yes, committed and stubborn to be sure. Hard work? Of course. Willing to brawl and stand my ground to the death? Yes, I have done both. But those things are modest personal accomplishments.

The real reason life has taken this course is the guiding hand that nudges, shoves, pokes and, when merited, punishes. Put another way, we are not the totally independent actors we think we are.

Having a bit of an independent and stubborn nature has evidently required shoves rather than subtlety. Perhaps it is my Scots-Irish ancestry. I do know that I continue to marvel at the mysteries, complexities and interconnected nature of the human experience.
Date: 2018-01-05

You can get my take on this topic by reading "MrRiggs Walks" by MrRiggs.

YGS also lists stories by category. If you check the list you will find a substantial number regarding animals.

I hope you find comfort in what you discover.


It appears we have something in common. Right around New Year's Day of the year 2000 I moved into a 100 year old house in Rangoon, Burma. It is located on a lake and has a compound large enough to hold a dozen homes from the British colonial period. The house was built entirely of teak wood and originally owned by a very wealthy Chinese merchant. It was a wonderful place to reside. Large, with many windows and exterior doors, it is a bright and airy residence.

The house was taken over by the Japanese during the war. There were several stories circulating about its wartime use. The most credible seemed to be that it was used as the noncommissioned officers' mess hall during the day, and served as their club at night.

The Burmese were very fearful of the house and claimed it was haunted. The rumor circulated that local girls were raped and murdered there, which is entirely possible. Another supposed use was as a facility for interrogation and torture of prisoners. A third tale was that it was a headquarters for military intelligence. The local Burmese wanted nothing to do with the house.

Well lit by the sun and friendly, the house made a delightful home. No stone throwing please, but there was not a hint of haunting to be had.

That said, it was easy to maximize its use as a haunted house on Halloween. A large number of people joined in and multiple rooms were converted to chambers of horror. I portrayed a lab-coated mad doctor who was actively draining the blood from one of my household staff (Indian/Sri Lankin). She volunteered for 5 dollars.

I committed a gleeful mix of butchery, to include removal of internal organs and embalming. My victim was a 15 year old female displayed on a table, partially covered with towels. A plastic drain line appeared to carry blood (liquid red jello mix) from her arm into a white 5 gallon bucket. The jello mix in the bucket bubbled and frothed, spilling onto the floor, due to the addition of dry ice.

Understanding the Burmese to be very superstitious, and fearful of my house, the results were beyond expectations. The visitors were guided room to room to the various exhibits. At my station the concept and gore became too much. Three Burmese ladies, ages 18-20, became so petrified with fear that they were unable to move. They had to be physically removed to the outside, where they jabbered with those waiting in line to get in.

After 2 1/2 years it was time to move on. I was able to get the autopsy victim into the U.S. She successfully completed college with a degree in Civil Engineering and is now married. Having endured a difficult childhood, she has shared her good fortune by adopting a Burmese orphanage. She is there now overseeing her project.

Like many others here on YGS, I have been enjoying the stories of your grandmothers house. This bit of nothing came to mind and I thought I would pass it on.

Heck of a party, by the way. Thank you for the invitation, though I do apologize. I think I was first to arrive and I know that is considered bad form. Apparently no harm done. If I get another invitation I'm bringing a sleeping bag. Your gathering seemed to go on for days.

I read your post. I read the words, the lines, between the lines and "heard" your point of view.

There is no doubt in my mind that you experienced divine intervention. I will believe that as long as I draw breath.

My experience left me with some key takeaways.

Paramount in my mind is Divine justice. While there is Divine love in overflowing abundance, there is also Divine wrath, which I experienced. The trump card seems to be Divine justice perfectly applied.

While our world overflows with injustice now, that will be corrected.

Complex to explain but administered with the ultimate fairness.

There was much to my experience, which had multiple phases. Part of what I was shown was general, part specific to me. At one point I realized that the only way this could be happening to me was that I had to be dead. I was not ready to be dead and I wanted to go back. I was told yes, you can go back, but now, about you.

I was moved to a different place and went through what the criminal justice system refers to as pre-trial examination and arraignment. Much was done there.

Here is the point. Before I was permitted to leave I was told 3 times to write about what I experienced. Each time I was asked "Do you understand? Each time I affirmed that I did. Then I was told that it was important to write about what I was going through.

You felt a tug, Maggie. Perhaps a push. You felt, it appears, compelled to write. Why? Because it is important. Just as you appear to suspect, someone, perhaps a lot of someones, need to hear what you have to say.

Sorry, Maggie, no green terrace. I did see some stunning things though.



Never give up. Do not be disheartened. It does not matter how many failures, rejections or setbacks you experience. Your goal is just one "Yes." It is that "Yes" that will change the course of your life.

Something came to mind when I read your post. I had never considered this before. You, in a way, have just changed my life. I now understand that each attempt and failure helps to steer you in the direction you are supposed to go. Each setback points you toward your true destination. When the time is right you will arrive where you are supposed to be.

Than you for your guidance. Everything just fell into place.

So do not quit trying to reach your goal. Better yourself while you reach for your destination or dream. What helped me was improving my educational qualifications, which helped open doors.

Life contains many surprises. There is no telling what awaits you in your future. Never underestimate yourself and dare to dream. Have courage and heart, have a dream.

I'm available to you at anytime if you have questions.

Your new post is very helpful.

I did not read deeply enough into your first post as I focused on dog scratching sounds. I should have caught your additional input. My apologies.

May I suggest that go to the top of the YGS page (this page will do). Look slightly right of center at the top of the page. Locate "Other Related Topics" and click. Now, locate and click on "Psychics & Mediums."

Your focus should be on Mediums. Poke around a bit and you will see why I am suggesting this to you. You may be a natural Medium. Simply put, an antenna for receiving the kinds of input you have described.

I am not a learned person about ghosts. I came here seeking information as you are now. Some people have been very helpful and succeeding at putting my mind at ease. There is an entire sub-section on pets, and their return after death appears to be recognized, if not somewhat common.

As an untutored person regarding ghosts, I'm going to take a topical risk and say that ghostly phenomenon may happen to anyone. In other words, if a ghost wants to appear to you, or let you know it's around, it will.

Being a Medium means you have increased sensitivity (ies) to some aspects of the paranormal. Said differently, you may hear, see or know what others do not or cannot.

Being psychic is different. For me, it is the appearance of knowledge unsought. I just 'know' things.

I hope this is helpful to you and you find the answers you seek.

We can talk anytime.

Date: 2018-01-02

If I had experienced what SusanB had I might be receiving my holiday cards in an asylum. Not just because of the hauntings, though they were clearly frightening enough.

To have learned that such callousness and barbarity genuinely existed between parent and child while so young, and to have it directly and personally linked to a haunting, would have been a substantial personal burden to bear.

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. The global ghost population may soon undergo the equivalent of a baby boom.
Date: 2018-01-02
Wow. Just when you think you've heard it all.

I accept the haunting and the ghosts. It's not pleasant but it exists.

The troubling thing is parents who leave children uncared for to go drinking... Or leave them to freeze to death or die of thirst.

I've been thinking lately that I have seen and heard so much during my lifetime that I will not regret my number coming up. Mankind's inhumanity to itself is almost beyond belief.
Don't mean to be rude, but it seems you are playing catch-up with some of life's most basic lessons. Here is a short list that could be useful to you:

People lie.

The government lies.

Demon's definetly lie.

Your personal priority needs to be getting yourself out of this situation. Take heed to the guidance being offered to you. Somehow you got a wake-up call. You need to follow through on your instincts.

Troubling to me is that you seem to be indicating a romantic interest in this creature. Wrong choice. This is not a love interest but a soul reaper.

Here is another hint about life's mysterious ways:

Men tend to fall in love with what they see.

Women tend to fall in love with what they hear.

Sooo... It's time to turn your heart off. Do not fall for what you are being told.

It is past time to start digging out of this mess.

Please pardon my being so direct. Somehow it seemed appropriate.
Date: 2018-01-01
This get together has a peculular feeling to it. The dust hasn't quite settled from Christmas and the New Year's infant just got pinned into a diaper, and it's already Halloween again.

I heard time flies but this is exceptional. 🤔
Date: 2018-01-01
Thank you, Jubeele, I may take you up on that.

Speaking of well-watered, the well water around here will buckle your knees. The local folks used to dump moonshine in their wells when the revenue men would show up.

Laurel & Hardy made a movie about it.

Nice party. Was this impromptu or craftily planned?
Date: 2018-01-01
All this ghostly stuff must be working. I was just reunited with a dead man from my youth. It is nice to reminisce and revisit the past. You can get in on what happened in the Psychic section.

Don't know what prompted that bit of backsliding. Perhaps it was the ghost tea. I hope it doesn't keep me awake.

Don't laugh. You'll be old some day and then you will know for yourself... Though perhaps not for long.
Date: 2018-01-01
This is going to be great. The ladies have shown up and there is all that food.

I've lost weight in retirement so I'm really going to enjoy this to the max.
Date: 2018-01-01
Oh, Fergie, those sound great. I might go directly to the dessert table for several samples. And a couple for later.
Date: 2018-01-01

Sounds like you are bringing your pet. I thought I'd better double the grub. Tripling sounds better. Anyway, the left-overs are great in the morning.