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You Hear Them Too? on 2017-11-22

A couple years ago I had moved out of my parents' house to go to college, but I still came home on the weekends to visit them and would usually stay over night. At the time, my old room was being used for storage so I was sleeping on a lovely little bed made of about 14 blankets on the floor with my...

"oh Yup There She Is!" on 2017-10-30

My friend lived in the oldest house in the town we lived in. Her house was the first house to ever be built in the town. So we always made jokes about it being haunted as hell and how we could hear things. It never really scared us but we didn't dare taunt them either. She would have some weird dr...

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Date: 2017-11-22
There isn't going to a part 2, as her family doesn't live there anymore and that's really all the experiences I've had there. I have had other experiences at my parents home (quite a few actually) and at the place where I babysit, which I intend to write about once I find some time. I like to have time to write them so that I can write them well!

Thank you guys for taking such an interest in my story, I didn't really even think anyone would even see it, let alone read it! So thank you!
Date: 2017-11-22

The person did not wave back, no.
Her mother thought we were home because my friend had told her I was coming over, but we decided to go to Walmart first. So she yelled up the stairs to us thinking we were there like we said we were going to be, and she said it sounded like a girl answering her just yelling "yeah!" back down to her. So she started getting something ready to eat and went up stairs to talk to us and no one was home at all, she was in the house alone.
Date: 2017-11-22
Jubeele and Melda,

It was day time so we just saw the silhouette of someone leaning over to peer out of the window. It was very obviously a woman; the thin neck and hair to about their shoulders. It was a real quick glimpse, and it was one of those smaller windows that would be over a sink in the kitchen type of thing. It wasn't unusual for her mother to look out the window when someone pulled up into the driveway anyway so we didn't pay it much attention. At first she thought there may have been an intruder in her home when she couldn't find any family members, but she said she looked EVERYWHERE and said there was no one, nor was there any signs of someone rummaging around.
Date: 2017-11-14
Hey readers. I didn't realize that reading the comments and participating was that big of a deal on here. I just thought that I would share my story for people to read and enjoy. If you're having questions, I wouldn't mind answering them at all!