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Haunted Apartment Or Paranoid? on 2017-11-29

This is my first story on here. I have been an avid reader but am now too experiencing some things that you can hopefully help with. Apologizing now if this story isn't the best, this is my first time writing and recalling events like this. I live in university apartments that are relatively new, ...

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Yes it is a built in closet! And I would also like to know if there are any connections also. Thanks for reading!
Yes they demolished the homes/neighborhood and built the dorms over them.
And yes I also have had some friends experience some things, my roommate swore she saw a little boy in our room one night where we always felt a presence. Others have had things unplug and move in the middle of the night and had their music change on their phones randomly... Not like skipping between songs but skipping back and forth in the song.
The dorms were actually built around 2 years ago over demolished houses. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story!