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Alex The Trickster on 2017-11-21

I don't remember when this happened as I wasn't keeping a record at the time. I really want to tell you guys the story of the trickster. He was a 15 year old boy named Alex and boy did he love to play pranks and mess with people. He just seemed to show up at my house one day and he stayed for abo...

Attacked By A Smokey Figure on 2017-11-21

This happened to me back in 2013. I had just come home from work and the atmosphere in the house felt different than earlier that day. When I was starting to make dinner I felt very uncomfortable in the kitchen but I pressed on and got it done. Then for awhile after that the atmosphere seemed to ...

The White Woman on 2017-11-21

This happened to me back in 2011. I usually never had any vivid dreams before this happened. I went to bed and fell asleep as normal but I had a very vivid dream that night which I still can remember to this day. I dreamed that I was in the car driving my normal route to work, when a woman in whi...

Dark Presence In My Room on 2017-11-20

This happened to me back in January 2016. One night I was on my laptop watching videos on Youtube when I came across the trailer for the Conjuring 2. I decided I'd watch it just to see what it was like since I'd seen the first movie. After I watched it I googled about the Enfield Haunting. I came...

The Creepy Farmhouse on 2017-11-20

This happened to me and my family back in 2012 while we were on holidays in England. My family and I were on holidays in Northampton in England and we were staying in an old farmhouse for the week. When we first arrived everything seemed normal and the farmhouse was nice and homey. The first nigh...

Phantom Phonecall on 2017-11-04

This happened to me back in January 2015. I stayed over at my best friends house the night before and I needed a lift to my parents house, as I was supposed to be having dinner there. I decided I would text my mum and ask if she could pick me up. She agreed and would ring me when she was outside....

Trying To Get My Attention? on 2017-11-04

This happened to me back in November 2015. I had some friends over earlier that night discussing what our plans were for over the Christmas period. My friends stayed quite late. I tided up the kitchen before going to bed as I didn't want to leave the kitchen in a mess. By the time I had finished ...

Awoken By Presence on 2017-11-04

This happened to me back in February 2016 at my house. My bedroom in my house is the main location for things to happen. I was on my phone before I went to bed and came across an app called Ghost Radar. I decided that I would download it just to see what it was all about. As soon as it had finish...

The Ghost That Shouted Boo on 2017-11-04

This happened to me back in May 2016 when I was visiting my parents. It was a really nice sunny day so I decided I would drive out and visit my parents for the day. I arrived at the house and everything seemed normal. My mum was really busy that day so I said I would help her out while I was ther...

Ghost Girl In Bedroom on 2017-11-04

This happened back in June 2016 on the bank holiday weekend. (I keep a journal of all my paranormal experiences so I know what happened just encase you were wondering.) I woke up like normal and went to get a drink of water from the kitchen. I decided I'd go back to bed for another while as I st...

Something Lying Beside Me on 2017-11-04

Before I start this story I should tell you a little of what I've experienced. Since I was born ghosts have been drawn to me, it's like I'm a magnet for them. I've also seen them most of my life and I've had physic experiences, experienced sleep paralysis and have also been attacked. I'll be posting...

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Date: 2017-12-18
lady-glow - Well all you have to do is talk and listen and sometimes you may just get an answer. Sometimes I don't even need to speak I may be given a name in my head but that usually creeps me out.
AugustaM - That's very interesting, I never knew that seems like you do a lot of research.
lady-glow - Nope that's not me. This is my first and only account on this site.
Melda - At the time this happened I was living on my own. I hardly ever get nervous and I don't mind being alone. I'm sorry you have to go through that, that's horrible that you're so nervous. I agree with you kidney stones are a very painful.
Jubeele - It was quite terrifying at the time. I've never seen the smokey since nor do I want to. I did do a cleansing at my house after I was feeling better. Thank you for the suggestion though 😊
Date: 2017-12-18
lady-glow -They didn't see her but they usually never do. Usually the activity is directed only to me but now and again it does effect other people as well. I'm not sure if I did or not... But I don't think I did.
Date: 2017-12-18
lady-glow - Trust me you shouldn't be jealous. I too enjoy watching horror movies and paranormal documentaries. I definitely won't be reading that article again and I don't want whatever that dark presence near me ever again.
Date: 2017-12-18
AugustaM - I never did any research nor do I know any history on the place but from what I can remember it was very old. He was definitely from this time period. He was wearing dark brown trousers and a white shirt and he was also wearing slippers and had a walking stick. He was a tall and broad. He had a round face and his beard was a little bushy.
Date: 2017-12-18
[at] lady-glow I'm not too sure if I still have them. I will check for them though.
Jubeele - That could be it... I mean it has happened before, I had a trickster living with me for a while and boy did he like to play pranks on people. He stayed around for about a year and then he left. I think we both grew attached to each other and I was sad to see him go. I'll be sharing more experiences soon hopefully.
EmmalineTexas - Thanks for your comment. Thank you for the suggestion but I'm not a religious person, never have been. So I probably won't be doing that. And don't worry I'm not offended by your suggestion. I'm glad you mentioned it.
Manafon1 - Thanks I'll check it out 😊 it sounds like an interesting story to read.
AugustaM - Thank you for sharing your experience with me. That was a very interesting experience you had. Okay, I'll check it out. It could be the reason I've felt drained recently. I mean I get enough sleep during the night and work isn't really stressful. So I didn't really understand why I was feeling so drained.
Melda - Thanks for your comment. I know what you're saying and I know where you're coming from. I've too had sleep paralysis before but this was really different. It felt like it was maybe trying to comfort me. I don't think it wanted me to freak out when I went to move it away from me because it tried to paralyse me. I've trained myself over the years how to get out of sleep paralysis so I can get out of it when it happens.
Date: 2017-11-20
Ghosts4ever -It was very creepy. Maybe but I still don't know why she was in my room.
Date: 2017-11-20
Zombiemare13 - Yeah it was really freaky experience. To be honest I'm not too sure if it was a demon or not but hopefully not. Yeah her hair was hanging over her face covering them.
lady-glow - It wasn't a cow it was a human voice that said Boo really loud behind me. There wasn't any cows behind me because they were across from me in the field.
roylynx - Thank you for your comment. That's interesting I may look up some stories about guardian angels to see if anything clicks.
Jubeele - Yeah I have had a lot alright ever since I was a kid. I don't have any antique's and I didn't buy anything secondhand at the time. It really takes a lot to frighten me and when this happened to me I wasn't frightened I was more intrigued. If I was afraid I wouldn't have walked over to it. Nobody in my family died around the time this was happening so I don't think it's anyone from my family. I'm already keeping a journal of everything that's happening to me but thank you for mentioning it.
Date: 2017-11-20
Rex-T - Yeah we both were stationary when it happened. It hasn't happened since but I usually text rather than ring. The caller ID said it was my mom that called and it checked out but the call on her phone didn't go through because it went dead. When I answered it was just silent and then it was like static, then a woman started to speak. And we both had perfect signal strength as it always has a really good signal. It was just really strange experience.