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The Mysterious Lady In The Woods 2 on 2017-11-26

It's been four years since I last saw Kareena, the mysterious lady that I met in the woods. After the high school graduation I decided to go home to my parents' house that summer. One afternoon I decided to check the woods if Kareena had come back, it was nearly sunset when I entered the small fores...

Midnight Snack: Attacked By An Aswang on 2017-11-15

It was summer of 2013, I was 17 years old at that time when I decided to visit my older sister Lauren in her boyfriend's house where she lives together with his family, she was pregnant at that time and I decided to bring her some fruits and planned to stay there for a few days if they would allow. ...

The Mysterious Lady In The Woods on 2017-11-15

I like to share with you some of my memorable paranormal experiences, but before everything please forgive my English writing skills. So here is my story. It all started when I was around nine or ten years old, I live in a province north of Manila. Our small town is peaceful and surrounded with p...

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Rex T - the following day as soon as the sun rises my sister's husband Dan discussed the incident to the neighbors around us and to the workers in the field, here in the Philippines it is a general belief that Aswangs do not commonly attack their neighbors, instead during the night they will go to a farther village to hunt for food. Aswangs do not take pity, they usually flee when they encounter people during their hunt. This one is obviously hungry and craving for the baby inside Lauren, maybe he was injured enough that's why he decided to finally run away. In the morning Dan and uncle Teddy together with other men followed the path that the Aswang took as it flees, they found drops of blood in the grass and at the end of the trail is the knife that I used. They never traced where the Aswang headed.

Lady Glow - in Philippine folklore "Aswang" is an umbrella term or a general term to beings like ghouls, manananggals, vampires, witches, and shapeshifters that hunts for people or cadavers during the night, there are many types of Aswangs depending on the region where it came from so don't expect that its characteristics and abilities will always be consistent, you can read other articles about it because Wikipedia can't always give you the best answers. Unfortunately uncle Teddy died of a heart attack in 2015 so taking photos of his scars are impossible. My sister's in-laws did not put salt around the house several days before because they did not expect that it would be that agressive, Aswangs and Tik Tik's do not usually go inside the house. Commonly Aswangs attack by the roof looking for a hole as a way for their long proboscis-like tongue to be inserted in the woman's navel/bellybutton and eat the baby inside a pregnant woman while she's sleeping. Nobody in the neighbors bears the wound from the machete and knife and we think that the Aswang came from a far place as a common belief to us. And tapeworms do not fly like a bird:)

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Randym - nobody lives in the woods, people lives in the barangay (small village) nearby the farm and woods. That time when I was a kid my instinct tells me that she's just an ordinary person but it changed when I grow up and learned about spirits.

Lady Glow - my parents do warn me not to talk with strangers but I was just a kid that time and I think she is harmless, I just uploaded the 2nd part of this story, the part where we met again after a long time and the confirmation of her real identity. I hope it will be posted soon.

Publicways - here in the Philippines the people who usually lives in the woods/forest or mountains are those who belong to an ethnic group or tribe, the mysterious lady doesn't look like or even dressed like them, and there are no ethnic groups or tribes living in our town. This story has a 2nd part I hope you would read it when it gets posted here.

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