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I Thought They Were Just Trying To Scare Me 2 on 2017-11-18

After my first story I had been so freaked out I had my cousin come stay with me. I didn't feel comfortable being there alone during the weekends when my roommates were away. This one night she and I were in my room upstairs doing our nails and shooting the s***. As she was talking I heard someone...

I Thought They Were Just Trying To Scare Me on 2017-11-18

Back in 2005 I had rented out a room in a 2 story home. My 2 roommates were cousins from Palm Springs and they were often gone during the weekends because they would be in PS with their family. (The house was in San Diego). The night I moved in they came to my room to introduce themselves and we got...

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Hi Jubeele!
I have looked into it but couldn't find anything. I've read a couple stories about homes in the same area where people have had some strange occurrences (seeing, hearing things). The home is out in the boonies but thank you for your input! I get creeped out easily so what you're saying actually makes more sense to me 😝. Thank you for your feedback.