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In real life, a humanitarian and development worker. Full-time, I am strong believer of science and unknown science (magic). My religion is kindness.

I've been here since 2013 but I just recently decided to make an account.
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The Giant Shadow on 2018-02-09

We were staying at our aunt's place in a hilly village in Rizal for a time. It was very near the City, but the place is completely suburban. It was a rather sleepy village, where most people we know are retirees. There were also unoccupied houses, one of which is right across ours. We stayed in a...

My Unusual Mountain Guide on 2018-01-30

I was in college when I joined a mountaineering club. We planned a trip to hike a mountain that's said to be mysterious among locals in a neighboring province where my college was. There were reports of strange lights at night near the peak and sort of partying noises, despite having no power up ...

The Odd Room In A Rather Sunny House on 2018-01-28

This is my first attempt to share a story here. I have been reading accounts here since 2013. I have Googled "ghost stories" and this site came up first. But it was only very recently that I decided to make an account and be a real part of the community. I have always looked for the most logical ...

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Date: 2018-02-22
That is so creepy, especially if many among your family saw it.

Interestingly, I read something with similar description here:

But you did not share what happened when it reached you, when you said it crawled at you. Did it disappear? And if it did not have a face, how did you know you made eye-contact? Maybe you felt it. But did you try asking around about the house? Maybe that place needs cleansing.

Sorry for the questions. I think you are traumatized by the experience and it would be good for you if you would also seek a professional help.

Hope all is well now that you moved out.
Date: 2018-02-18
Thank you for reading, Lady-glow. It's a good analysis.

But it's not possible as the source of light was the constant one that was from the lamp post. There was no other artificial lighting. If a person stands outside on a spot where it would cast shadow by the window, it was usually very small in comparison. About a quarter of that humongous shadow.

If they were up the mango tree instead of our archway, I would not be able to see it at all because there was a four-lane road between our house and the mango tree. The shadow was standing right in front of our house.

Also the mango tree does not bear fruit. Maybe one of the reasons people would just cut it down.
Thank you for your comments and insights. 💚 The group was the only registered mountaineering club in our college that time. I hope they improved their systems now.

Lady-glow, if it is indeed true, humans are lucky to have spirit guides. I've been saved that time, and some other instances as I mentioned. Thanks for the advice as well:)

RCRuskin, I pray the procedure goes well for your mom. I hope she gets well soon.

Jubeele, thank you for the link. And the message is so sweet. I am very fond of dogs and other animals. Sadly, I'm not really good with people 😂

Thank you all for reading.
Date: 2018-02-11
Thank you, Mavvey, for sharing your story. And yes, I will be one of those who'll wait for the next stories you will write.

In good faith, I wish you've had, or, I do suggest that you get a psychosocial debriefing on such ordeal you had to go through. It is indeed helpful that you are writing your experiences down, especially the events with your mother. You were such a little girl then, and even I do believe in modern parenthood, the overall impression on this story is that you were completely defenseless in whatever 'adventure' you were dragged into. I'm sorry. Hope all is well now.
Date: 2018-02-10
That is totally creepy. And alarming. Yikes! The clinking of the necklace alone would drive me nuts, let alone a full apparition 😨

I was wondering. When it spoke, did it sound human? Can you recall if it is in any way disembodied? We once lived in a house full of doppelgangers. My mom saw one changing/shifting into my two brothers. One relative saw one mimicked my mom. But they never spoke. They faded or vanished eventually but they remained silent when seen.

I hope it will never bother you again after cleansing. Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2018-02-10
Hi Ghosthunter,

Did the shadow appear like it was struggling, trying to reach for something to save its life? Like it's stuck or something? There are cases of people expiring in the bathroom, which is really sad. My granny once got stuck but we were nearby to rescue her. She's okay now.

I understand you stayin' late watching stuff. I got a 24 year-old niece and when they were younger, I could hear the annoying Spongebob theme song playing late at night as they binge watch cartoon while their mom's deep in slumber. They did not see any ghost though 😂

Also when we were younger, during summer vacations, we would play computer games until morning when our mom's asleep. Yep. I think our generation in the family pretty much prefers staying up really late until the dawn breaks.
Hi Tweed,

Thank you for reading my story. When it turned itself on and started blaring, it was airing an advertisement on detergent. Then followed by an afternoon show chitchat. It was rather quick. But still creepy when I remember it.

The whistling was terrifying. I'm not sure about the history of the house but it's been vacant for a long time. When we occupied it, it looked neglected until mom did some magic cleaning, repairing things. Just that room feels really weird. I got night terrors and woke up at wee hours at night while we were there.
Date: 2018-01-28
Thank you for a wonderful story you shared. Whatever imperfection it may present only adds to the beauty of how you as a young girl witnessed it vis-a-vis how you are writing it down now as a grown woman. I also acknowledge that aside from recounting your experience, you also shared your opinion (e.g., Anastasia may have left and that there may have been different entities haunting the place, that A's presence is a residual haunting, etc.). Most stories are shared this way. Our senses are poor recording devices and our memory most often unreliable for recollections of events from long ago. But. Having gone through such experience and being able to share it as clearly as one can is the most important thing. As a reader, I thank you for your wonderful story:)