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Pranav Raj Singh Bhati
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I love martial arts, writing, paranormal and business.
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An Encounter With Monkey Man on 2017-12-01

Although people have called the happenings around 'Monkey Man' of 2001 a case of mass hysteria, I would like to disagree by narrating the story of my true encounter with this beast. I am Pranav Bhati. The year was 2001. I was living in Abu Road (Sirohi District, Rajasthan) at that time. I was in ...

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[at] discurninguser Thanks for reading my story. I agree, ajonverge was too quick and wrong to judge my story as something ordinary and not supernatural. It was indeed a scary experience for me. Thanks for the support! 😁 😁
[at] priya Yes it could have been either. Good thing is it didn't harm you. Thanks for reading my story.
[at] ajonverge Thanks for reading my story. The word 'hallucination' is used nowadays as if it was something as trivial as a headache. The mind is a very important element in every type of exercise, so understanding it is necessary. A hallucination occurs mostly either in the case of mental conditions like psychotic disorders, bipolar disorders etc., or they are drug induced. Other lesser popular reasons are withdrawal from sedatives and deprivation of food, sleep etc. It can be one of these or a mixture of these. When I experienced this thing, I did not fall under any of these conditions. There are other two types of experiential faults which are illusion and delusions, which is completely different stuff altogether and again, know that it wasn't either of them too. People should study and understand what they say completely. I've met many people who'd just say 'hallucination' to things that they don't believe is true or their rational mind is unable to comprehend.
[at] publicways A man trying to scare me by getting to our roof by hiding from everyone's eyes, wearing that costume and then jumping down one floor, running behind me, then again escaping from everyone's view and going to another house to scare them around the same time? In the year that many people saw it? And when I already told you about my mental state? Yes, why not. You are so right. 😉
[at] Blackmoonmage20 Thankyou for reading! And yes it is similar, but the monkey man isn't a part of the legends/myths or something even from history. It was just a mysterious one time thing.