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After witnessing the gigantic dog was when I became increasingly sensitive. I'd see sporadic miniature orbs of light of all colours about my room (which I believe to be the nymphs I used to play with and build mud stick houses for as a child), I was never scared of these little lights, I remember fe...

My Timeline Of Experiences on 2017-12-03

It's roughly around 2001-2002, and I was about 5 years old. The odd occurrences began when we moved half an hours drive up north of Bulahdelah, NSW. We went from a small rural town to an even smaller rural town, where we lived roughly 20 minutes on the outskirts of this rural place, in the middle of...

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Dunno if you still check this or even if it's still happening, but I'll just chuck my input in anyways. It worries me you say this entity blocked you on your way out, and that you could feel it's presence even about school. Ghost or entity, I don't get any sort of good gut feeling and I just hope it's not still following you around. People would usually say to cleanse, which helps a little, but I feel as though visulazation would help a lot further here.



Here are a couple of really good sites I recommend. Practice visualizing a bubble around yourself (mine are usually silver, but visualize whatever colour comes to you). The stronger your intent, the stronger your barrier will be.

I just hope you see this and that you're safe!