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I'm a mother of 2 teenagers, a boy and a girl. Throughout my life, myself and many others in my family have been able to see souls. I hesitate to use "ghost", I feel like it's a bit over-used. Some in my family, specifically my daughter and my aunt, can not only see but sometimes communicate with spirits. I have several personal stories I would like to share with others on this site.
I hope I can produce clear, well-written accounts that fellow members will enjoy reading. Every one of my posts will be 100% fact, and I'm sure I'll end up posting more as my experiences continue to happen.
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Dolls Moving And Midnight Whistles on 2018-01-01

These experiences happened when my daughter and I lived alone in an old house owned by a friend of my mother. Sarah wasn't much more than a toddler and I was heavily pregnant with my son. His father and I were technically together but we were still living separately until we could find a place to su...

The Weird Vase From The Estate Sale on 2018-01-01

My Aunt Lily had a passion for flea markets, yard sales, and especially estate sales, but let me tell you, one time she brought something home she didn't expect! She bought a cardboard box from an estate auction full of odds and ends and she found a strange-looking vase in it. It was ugly, maybe a...

Uncle Dusty Liked My Haircut on 2017-12-12

This is my 2nd story I'm submitting today and it's also about something that happened after my daughter found her uncle dead from a drug overdose. For any details about that, they're more specific in my other story about Uncle Dusty. Ok, just a few months after his death, I was alone in the house,...

Uncle Dusty Wanted To Talk To Me on 2017-12-12

This experience I'm writing about today happened not only to my daughter Sarah but also to myself. Her father and I didn't work out and we split before she was even born but I remain close to his family. His only sibling was a younger brother, whom I was particularly close to. Sarah stayed with her ...

A Few Weird Creatures on 2017-12-06

The first experience I will describe today is the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life. I still don't know what it was but this is what happened. My daughter and I were on the way to my parents' house on a Sunday afternoon in early October. It was approximately 7-8 years ago but I remember...

My Daughter And Possible Past Life Memories on 2017-12-06

I've stated before in some of my experiences that my daughter Sarah, now 16, has startled me with comments and remarks that make no sense in regards to what is currently happening in our lives. One that I remember clearly is this incident. We were in the car and Sarah, aged 3, sat in her car seat ...

My Daughter Can See Departing Souls And Auras on 2017-12-06

My daughter is now 16, but when she was 4 I allowed her father to take her out of state to visit his family before she started kindergarten. When she came home she had hours and hours of things she had to tell me. I stopped her on one of the things she was talking about and asked her to tell me more...

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I forgot to add something else- I didn't take the bed with me when I moved from there, my partner and I used his double bed in our new home. The bed went into my mother's basement storage room so I don't know if it would've fallen in our new place or not. To my knowledge it's still in her basement or she's sold it in a yard sale by now, I haven't asked her.
It was just a basic single bed, metal frame, and the way it came apart was the metal struts? I guess you call them that? Anyway, the 3 metal pieces that stretch horizontally under the box spring to support the mattress were moved. Not exactly moved, just kind of nudged out of true so the bed wouldn't collapse immediately, just after I was asleep and moving in my sleep caused them to slide further out of place.
My dad put the bed back together for me and was getting a bit miffed when it fell because he knows he assembled it correctly. He was going to drive screws into it to hold it together and I told him to just leave it, that I would sleep on the sofa- bolting the metal bars in like that would make it unnecessarily more difficult to take it apart. Remember, I was only living there temporarily until my partner and I found a more permanent place. Sleeping on the sofa wasn't a big deal so I abandoned that stupid bed.
Hey, guys, it's Mandee, wanted to let y'all know that Dusty's birthday is coming up in February so if he makes any kind of appearance to comfort anyone on his special day, I will post an update!
That's a very interesting observation that there may have been two separate entities. I never considered that but it does make sense, especially since she still has the same dolls, a larger collection now, in fact, but they have never been messed with in that fashion since we lived in that house.
The house itself is situated on a back road that winds behind our local high school so the screened in front porch has an excellent view of the baseball field, separated from the school property only by a chain link fence. My mother remembers that house being ancient when she herself was a high-school student there. I thought about maybe a connection of a school being in such close proximity may have some answers- but the house has been there much longer than the school itself.
If I can figure out how, I will upload a photo of the vase but for the most part my dog completely ignores it now, as he really has no reason to be in that area of the house. He won't go near it voluntarily and my dad would probably blow a gasket if he caught me messing with his precious yorkie and that hideous vase. And as I said before it's never bothered me, but why would my uncle- who neither cared about nor noticed the new addition to the vase collection belonging to his wife- suddenly get the creeps, as well as my toddler cousin being terrified of it?
I never considered the idea about getting whacked in the forehead with a pack of cigarettes the same day he died but maybe you have a point. Maybe he was apologizing, lol! After all, he was pointing to his head and then pointing towards my room.
As for Sarah dreaming anything that particular night, I honestly never asked and she never mentioned any kind of dream matching what I saw.
He makes himself known in several different ways, sometimes I smell his cologne and then my hair is tugged at gently immediately after I recognize his familiar scent. I remember once also I was bending over in my back bathroom to put away folded towels underneath the sink and when I straightened up and glanced at the mirror I saw his reflection behind me for a split second.
Unfortunately I've never seen him as clearly as I did the night I saw him in Sarah's bedroom, but his mother and I shared an experience together. We were lying on her bed watching TV at about 10pm one night and to my right was a wall of white sliding closet doors. Out of nowhere she and I both looked in that direction at the same time and we saw clear as day his shadow cast on the white paint. It was like he just sauntered by, taking his time and checking us out.
We often laid there in the same position, same time of day, etc., and that only happened once so it was definitely not a regularly occurring shadow or we would have seen it many times.
Yes, she and I still have things happen often, either at home or pretty much anywhere, most times unexpectedly! As for past experiences, we don't really discuss them in detail because it happens so often it seems maybe...commonplace? I don't know if that's the word I'm looking for but I have many more stories to share so thanks for reading!
Yes, Melda, I'm certain blood pressure meds are only available by prescription here in TN (I can't say positively because I never swear to anything I'm not sure of 😊). The straight facts are: he overdosed on these meds- proven fact by the autopsy report- and this is what the police found in his truck. That's all I personally know as fact.
His mother is still vehement to this day that someone else is responsible for his death, but I just don't know. I'm choosing to accept what I can't change and move on.
It been 9 years since his death and he occasionally likes to make himself known. Occasionally as in, like, very rarely. I'm convinced that he's ok. He knows we love him and miss him so I think maybe he just likes to check on us out of concern for us, not out of any concern for himself or anything he might want to say. He's had enough time that if he could tell us anything he would have by now. I hope anyway!
Thanks for getting back with me and I see what you mean about him just checking in from time to time. That's also my impression but I do understand his mother's anger and denial. And remember, this was 9 years ago. He occasionally makes himself known but not nearly as much, so I think he's ok. He just wants to make sure we're ok too! 😊
Manafon1- This is Mandee, and I added a few things I was reluctant to share at first that are relevant to his death. I hesitate to write anything about this, but his ex had access to the medication, as she worked in a nursing home. Empty bubble packs were found in his truck and bubble packs of meds are usually- not always- found in nursing homes and/or hospitals. I don't know what to think, but his mother especially is convinced that it was no accident and that may be why he still hangs around. What do you think? Do you have any insight on this particular nasty part of this whole situation? Please let me know what your opinion is, and please remember that I would never accuse anyone of such a thing. I'm just relating exactly what happened, only fact. I don't know if I share his mother's viewpoint or not. I want to believe it was an accident but what if it wasn't and he's trying to tell us that?
Thank you all for your kind comments, and please check out my updates on my other story about Dusty and please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance for any advice or comments!
This is Mandee again, and I have decided to share something about this that isn't very nice. I do not EVER want to accuse anyone of such a terrible thing but... Here goes, and please remember that I am in no way whatsoever pointing fingers at anyone.
His ex worked as an aide in a nursing home with easy access to the medication that caused his death, and empty bubble packs of the blood pressure medicine Clonidine were discovered in his truck. Most nursing home patients have bubble packs put together weekly by the pharmacy (my mom and my sister are both licensed pharmacy techs) but that still doesn't explain why he would take them!? Where did he get them, especially packaged like that?!
Date: 2017-12-16
Yes, Toby, that occurred to me later that it fit some of the descriptions of a chupacabra but not all.
And like you said, in TN? I don't know what it was, all I know is that I saw a very strange-looking something on the road that night. I've never again seen it and I've never heard of anyone else seeing it either. Very strange!
Hi, it's Mandee, and I have a small update- I asked her dad if he could recall an accident on that particular trip and he honestly couldn't remember.
Understandable, lol, because he works as a long-haul trucker, driving a semi all over the U.S., so he's unfortunately seen more accidents than many people have.
I guess I'll never know if she did really see it or just sensed it, but something happened to her that day for certain.
I have an aunt, also, who is very sensitive to such things. She works as a nurse in our local hospital so she's had more than her fair share of experiences, up to and including being followed home.
Hi, it's Mandee, and I'm pleased that my story has been shared with people who appreciate it, so thanks so much!
The autopsy report showed heart failure from an overdose of Clonidine, but he wasn't on any meds at all and no one else in the home was on that medication. There was nothing else wrong with him at all, his heart just stopped. And let me tell you, he was a very healthy person, he was the foreman of a crew of 16 doing construction work, and he had spent many, many summers traveling all over to build homes for the Habitat For Humanity program with no financial gain for himself, volunteer work only.
He had recently moved back in with his parents due to a split with his wife, but it was becoming more amicable and they had a son, who was 6 at the time, and he and his ex were in the process of setting up a visitation schedule. So it's not just because of my daughter but his son also that we don't think he was suicidal. But unfortunately, that seems to be our only answer, we just have to accept it- that's all we can do.
I just wish I could see him one last time, I never got to tell him how much I loved him. The last time I saw him alive and with his handsome smile was earlier that day, while he was throwing a pack of cigarettes at my forehead and yelling, "Think fast!" when I came in the door. I just don't understand what happened and it's killing my heart to not know!
Hey, guys, thanks for reading about my experiences and commenting on them! These are very special memories that I will keep with me and it's interesting to hear other opinions.
Ok, Shae is my aunt- she's my mother's youngest sister and is only 4yrs older than me so we're way more like sisters and that's another reason this is so puzzling- she actually didn't know Dusty very well at all!
She works as a nurse on the night shift at our local hospital so she sleeps during the day. This being the middle of the afternoon, she normally would be sleeping and she says that Dusty spoke to her in what seemed to be a very vivid dream. It woke her and that's when she called me. She was one of the nurses on duty the night that the ambulance brought him there to be pronounced deceased. She was the one who first had to tell me he was gone.
Of course, his mother called me in hysterics and just said, "Something is wrong with Dusty, come and get Sarah and take her to your mom and get to the ER now!" When I arrived to get Sarah the ambulance was pulling away and Sarah had been left with the neighbor, who didn't know any details. Sarah said, "Mamma, he's dead, Uncle Dusty is dead!"
So I dropped her off in a panic and raced to the hospital and Shae was waiting for me. She had to tell me he really was dead, and I remember feeling so unreal, like it had to be a terrible dream. Even after they let me in the room and I saw him I couldn't make a single noise, but as soon as Shae grabbed me before I could fall I started screaming- I still don't remember if I was screaming words or what, Shae never did tell me exactly what I said. Do you think maybe this experience between her and I in the room where his body was may have connected him to her?
Oh, and I almost forgot, he wasn't on any medication at all, and no one else in the home was on this type of medicine either. He had recently moved back in due to a split between him and his wife, but things had turned amicable and he even had an appointment in less than a week to meet with their lawyers to set up a visitation plan for their son, who was 6 at this time, a year younger than my daughter.
As a side note, Shae is very sensitive and as she works in a hospital, she is no stranger to visits from souls, whether she knows them or not. She's been followed home a few times, too, much to my uncle's dismay, lol!
It never occurred to me until now about the premonition theory. I know I have talked about it with her grandma but Sarah was only with her dad that day, his mother wasn't on this particular trip. I'm going to ask her dad if he remembers anything about this and I will post his answer as soon as I talk to him, so check back soon and thanks for reading!
Hi, and thanks for reading and offering comments on my experiences!
Yes, Sarah has had many, many other experiences, some of which I have witnessed with her and others that I believe without a doubt happened to her.
As for what I have written about in these particular stories, I'm fairly certain she remembers them perfectly, but we've never actually discussed them in detail now that she's a teenager. I think maybe they've fallen out of significance compared to what has happened to her since these incidents.
I will absolutely continue to share these stories and I'm so grateful I have found this wonderful place and wonderful people willing to listen and give me a new perspective on things such as these experiences.
Other stories will be written and posted soon, and I love receiving any feedback from others, so thanks again!
Date: 2017-12-11
Ok, hi guys and thanks for reading about my experiences! As for the first story, about the black thing we saw sitting beside the road, I did consider many explanations but still came up empty-handed.
First was the fact that if it was a person in a costume, it was either a child or an abnormally short person. Also add in the fact that others have also seen it, and from what I have heard many locals still continue to see it.
As for the dog-like thing my aunt and I spotted, it is perfectly plausible that it was a poor deformed animal (remember, we live in a rural area with a ton of wildlife), but I think what made me mark it in my memory like I have is because it was so fast, and it apparently had no fear of the car whatsoever.
Please let me know more opinions after reading this post, I'm absolutely open to any suggestions on the identity of these creatures, and thank you so much!