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Violent Spirits And Possible Demons #2 on 2018-01-09

Mysterious Bruises- I nearly forgot about this experience, but a few weeks ago my sister, the same one that took the photo (that she deleted before I could get it), came into our room and showed me some bruises that she had on her upper leg. She found them strange because they looked like they were ...

Violent Spirits And Possible Demons on 2017-12-08

For as long as I can remember my house has been haunted. This is a record of mine and other's experiences, though most are mine since the others tend to dismiss them, they don't believe in ghosts. Red-Eyes - So, when I was about five I woke in the middle of the night from a nightmare, I had never...

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Thank your for your help. I will try to get my family to agree to a cleansing. I have tried to look up the history of my house, but not ever came up. And apparently when we first moved in my mom told any negative spirits to 'get out'. Thank you. 😊

Yes my mom thought my brother, I only have one, was possessed: but she believes in the devil, not ghosts. So she thought that whatever was in the house had left. Note that this was before Red Eyes so it might be connected. And the journal is a good idea. That is actually where this is from; a goggle doc where I have been recording anything that happens. I shared it because things have gotten worse. I have been really sick on and off for over a year and a few weeks ago, when I was on a walk, I was told to 'go die' but I was completely alone. Thank you for your help. 😁
Date: 2017-12-13
There is another story mentioning this creature. It's called Midnight Snack: Attacked By An Aswang by ColdSoul.
Date: 2017-12-12
I can't say much about the first two, but the last creature sounds kind of like how some have described chupacabras. I don't know why it would be in Tennessee, but that is the closest creature I could find that matched the description. 🤔
Date: 2017-12-11
Sounds like a doppleganger but I've never heard of one who copies a different persons voice instead of the persons who shape they stole. 🤔
There are other people that have seen this man. Look up Monsters and Mysteries in America: Shadow People to see their experiances.
It sounds like a shadow person, but it's strange that you saw it with a hat. I have heard a lot of stories about shadow people and I can say one thing: Be careful of the ones that wear hats. 😨
The first one seems like a shadow person and seemed to interact with you. The second seems like a residual haunting, a ghost that relives something they did in the past, because it did not seem to notice you or your dad. They are harmless. But with the shadow person I would be careful, they can sometimes be violent especially since it noticed you. 🤔
Date: 2017-12-08
It sounds like a typical poltergeist, plus another spirit: Shadow Man. The protective feeling that you are getting may be coming from the Shadow Man keeping the other spirit away from you. What makes me think there are two spirits is that shadow people don't usually make noises and it seems whatever scared you wanted to, which the Shadow Man doesn't seem to want to do. 🤔
It sounds like a shadow person to me, but I have never heard of one that had white eyes, if they have any the color it's usually red. Another weird thing is that you touched it. Everyone who has seen one, including myself, have either never tried to touch is or passed right through it. Another possibility is a ghost. I would suggest finding out the history of the house and the land.
Date: 2017-12-08
Like the others said, the Ouija board is a bad idea. They can invite anything in, even demons. But enough of that, like you I have had encounters with Shadow People and only one has seemed to notice me. And although yours and mine do not seem violent, be careful. There are others out there that have had violent encounters with Shadow People.