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Becoming A Spirit Of Sorts- Please Help Me on 2017-12-13

Please be patient with me as this is my very first post:) Let me preface with I have always been different. Even at a young age my Grandma told me that I was different than others and that made me more special. Well, I have obviously seen spirits that sort of thing but this is ENTIRELY different...

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Lady-Glow: your questions are understandable. No I'm not a daydreamer nor someone who fantasizes because I am the type of person that says what's the point of doing that? What do you mean exactly about relationships with the guys my age? Maybe it is a dream but my question is: why the same one every night? The past few nights are the only changes in my dream or experience whatever anyone would like to label it... I've never been a big dream person. I've had some here and there but never anything like this. It's scary because of the consistency and intensity. Any recommendations on how to do something about this? This is tiring on me mentally. Thanks for your input and such!
Jubeele- I will definitely be going to Scotland. The thing is is that the "experience" is getting more intense. If you read the first story I posted then continued to the last one I posted you can see it is getting more detailed and a lot more intense. There is more to post from my experience yesterday but I'm so modest that I can't share it but I feel that it is very important to this situation I am in. I am beginning to want to go to sleep and stay asleep so I can go there. Last night as I laid down and put in my headphones I thought to myself: please let me go there and I was able to and to be honest with you I could be incorrect about the clan associated with the tartan I saw as you know that some tartans are very similar.
Lady-Glow that is creepy! The guy was black headed and green eyed to clear any confusion. The situation I am is getting so intense it's a tad bit scary! Something else happened this afternoon but I am afraid to share it. I will watch this video you posted!
hey guys- this situation is growing more intense. The "scene" has changed and is more detailed. Ireland is no longer a thought in my head really (weird!) I had no idea today was winter solstice and about 2:30 or 3 AM I started mentally nagging myself to turn the song on. So I put my headphones in and turned it on. I decided to put it on repeat so that there wouldn't be any interruptions if something did happen. I laid down on my couch so I wouldn't get moved about in the bed. I closed my eyes exactly when it began and everything was black (naturally) then all of a sudden I was back at that hillside except this time I was at the bottom of it. I look and see the same woman wearing the exact same thing and I looked down to see I was wearing a very nice tartan dress. It looked expensive. (I was wearing Clan Douglas tartan) I tilted my head trying to figure it out in my head. She just stared at me stoically and didn't move. Not sure if you guys remember me mentioning the woods and that there was a fog and then there was some movement that I saw and it was a figure of a man that was to the left of where I was standing. Well, as she was staring at me I felt that she and I weren't alone. She looked towards the woods (her right) and as clear as the sky a man walked out. He was dressed in clothing from the same century as the woman. We just stared at each other. I can tell you EVERY detail about the man! His tartan was a different color though and after researching he was wearing Clan Fraser tartan. I quickly looked back at the woman standing there and she gives me a very sweet and small smile and nods her head to me to tell me go to the woods. When the drums kicked in about halfway through the song we ran toward each other and he picked me up and held me and um... Then... We kissed (I am very "modest" about those things LOL) it was a good minute- minute and a half and then he set me down and looked at me and then the next thing I know I am sliding backwards away from him. We both reach our hands out to one another and the same time meanwhile he has this heartbroken look on his face. Naturally I'm screaming no for some reason and I collapse on my hip crying looking towards the misty trees and he's still standing there and then he gives me a very small but sad smile and turns into the woods and walks away. When I look to my right the woman is gone. I sat there on the ground crying. Then I woke up!
Rex-T- I wonder which branch of Stewarts. I did find some information on The Campbell's that are on my tree.
Some other names that I found interesting that I also did research on was the surname Cunningham. I found that my 14th Grandfather was a man named Cuthbert Cunningham. I haven't really researched who he was just that he was married to Marjory Douglas (dau of Archibald Douglas) and they had children. The Campbell's are on my tree quite a few times actually. Agnes Campbell that was married to John Houston and then a Duncan Campbell, Colin Campbell and Archibald Campbell. The Stewart side is more complicated as you know there were 2 "houses" of Stewarts that hated each other because one had an affiliation with the black Douglas'. Mine is the line that has Mary Stewart who was the daughter of Robert II. I am still working but I will be verifying this when I do go to Scotland.
OH MY GOD EMMA! I DID JUST THAT AROUND 2:30-3 AM HERE! How crazy! And something did indeed happen! Oh my gosh I am still in shock of what you just said!
Hawkseye12002- Its a strange and heartbreaking feeling. I feel trapped and want to get there and I almost feel like it's killing me.

** back to my experience- I am curious about the white robes and being at the fairy glen. From research I found out that it is on the Isle of Skye. Now I probably need to get a good map of Scotland for this but maybe you guys can help with this. Emma you mentioned going to England and having that experience in a certain place and your family was from there. I can't remember. So, I have my surnames on my Grandma's maternal lineage and I am wondering if these could be from around that area. The names I am listing are from the Houston family I mentioned before. My Grandma's great-grandmother.
Johnston (e)
De Clare
De Paduinan
Fitz alan or fitzflaad (I think that's how it is spelled)

Those surnames are direct grandparents of mine.
All I know of my grandma's paternal side as far as surnames in Scotland go... I haven't researched wives so the surname present then back-
Collum-->McCollum-->MacCallum--->M'Gillespie Vich O'Challum
Thats as far as I have gotten with that and a mention of Poltalloch...
* I am interested in the places of the surnames that I made a list of. Thank You!
Kindly_refrain- I totally understand how you feel. I never felt the urge to cry. Well, not yet anyway. I am over analyze so I don't think I will be able to do that LOL
Rex-T. I completely understand you value your privacy and I absolutely respect that! That is interesting that you feel that way in two different places. Also, I am not a fan of my state LOL I definitely don't belong here that's for sure. My beliefs, interests, etc. That is an interesting way to find out your ancestry though. I am intrigued about the Irish Warrior Priest and Scottish Highland Warrior... How were they able to find that out?
I'm going to attempt to respond per person 😊
Emma- Interesting! I get what you're saying! I'm 5'7" and slim and I have curly (a little more than wavy) auburn hair and honestly sometimes it looks more brown but mostly auburn color and I have NEVER colored my hair. (My mom is short and of German and English descent. My father is 5'7" (short for a man lol) and Irish and Scottish descent as this is his side I am talking about!) I am built like my grandma and my mother even says it is uncanny how I look like her and act like her especially when I am mad LOL
This is where I understand your explanation of genetics- I have a point to all of this I promise. I remember one time my Grandma said to me: " You are a very special and gifted child. Remember that. You will feel alone but when you get older you will understand but never be afraid." I was like 6 when she told me that so naturally I was like whatever LOL well later that year I was playing at a friends house that was next door to hers and in the south older homes have multiple doors in a room because at that time they didn't have central air and heating. My friend said she needed to go to the rest room so off she went. Well, I got this prickly feeling and the urge to look to my right (which is where one of the doors were) and when I looked I saw a figure of a man standing there. I couldn't see anything except his shadow and I could tell he was wearing a fedora by the shape of his hat. He was casually leaning on the inside of the door frame. I was never scared or anything and I just stared. My friend came back and made a noise so I looked her way and when I looked back she was gone. I immediately told her I had to go home because my Grandma was calling me (of course she wasn't) I rushed next door to her house and I ran in the door and I was out of breath and said Grandma I saw a man. She was ALWAYS funny about men. I think something happened to her but anyway she turned around quickly and had this frightened look about her. She asked me about what I saw so I told her and her eyes got huge, she turned pale and then put her hand over her heart. All she could say was you saw my brother, you saw my brother George. Naturally I said Grandma what are you talking about? I didn't know you had a brother. Then she proceeded to tell me more about her siblings etc. She told me her brother George died in 1956! I didn't put much into it because it never scared me. Again, that story has a purpose at least I think it does haha so fast forward from 1994 to 2010. I was doing some research on her siblings and all I had was his name so I when I put that into Ancestry it pulled up his WWII draft registration card I had a chill come over me when I read that he was 5'7" was slim built and had auburn hair! My mom has dark dark brown almost black colored hair. My dad now silver headed had dirty blonde hair. I am the ONLY one out of her children and grandchildren etc to have anything like that. She had 2 children and one was chestnut brown and the other was a dirty blonde that turned gray. I also read that most people as you said Emma say 50% dad and 50% mom but a lot of the time the child doesn't get anything really from the parent but will get the majority of their DNA from their grandparents. I even inherited health issues from her that nobody else has!

Next comment post will be more about my original post. Sorry I got off on a tangent as well 😜
Hey Emma and Randy. Thanks for your input because it is appreciated! This post will be all over the place but the family is the same.
Emma- That is a fantastic idea about me doing what you did about the location.

As I had said above that my Grandma who was 82 (and my fathers paternal grandmother) when I was born and actually my paternal great grandmother always told me stories of her maternal grandmother and her maiden name was Houston and that they were from Houston, Scotland. She also told me that her father's family were from Scotland as well. She explained to me the way that the surnames went as well and how Papa Collum's (her father) surname changed from MacCallum to Collum. As long as I can remember I have had a fascination for Scotland and Ireland. I have wondered about the reincarnation. Only because my tastes in things are so different than anyone in my family. The things that I love such as music, customs is SO different from my family. I am extremely traditional about certain things and as a young child I always loved listening to bagpipes. As a matter of fact I had one at my wedding!

** back to my experience- I believe that anything is possible 😉
I started my ancestry search when I was 15. Luckily I was given 5 generations back by my grandma. So, I have always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland but nothing like these past few months. I am afraid that when I do go that I will not want to come home.
*The place I was at originally was the hillside and it felt very familiar for sure but what is even more strange was the immediate change in location and me becoming the woman at the stones... I mean, in the beginning I was looking at her from behind and there was a forest to my left. There was a mist type fog in the forest but not anywhere else. Then she turned around and looked at me and when she looked at me it was so strange. I couldn't look away until I saw movement to my left in the woods I mentioned and I looked and it was a figure of a man but I couldn't see anything else about him. There wasn't any real expression on her face at first when we made eye contact but then it softened. Since my original post I did some research on tartans because she was wearing one and it very well could have been a cloak. After my research I found the tartan she was wearing. She was wearing Clan Campbell of Argyll (Argyle) tartan. So, I did some research on the Clan Campbell of Argyll. I was just curious so I went to my family tree and found out that Patrick Houston- my 17th grandfather was married to a woman named AGNES CAMPBELL! After researching into them I found this:
**"It is not know how Sir John met his death, but he lived to rule the Barony only six years and died in the part of which is preserved to this day and can be seen by visitors to the Houston-Kilallan parish church in Renfrewhire. Inside the church, near the front entrance, there rest two life size effigies in stone of Sir John Houstoun and his wife, Agnes Campbell. These reclining statues are what remain of a more elaborate monument. The historian George Crawford writes that Sir John died in 1456 and was buried in the parish church of Houstoun, under a canopy of freestone, with effigies of himself and his lady, as big as life. Around the verge of the tomb I find the inscription in Saxon capitals, "here lie's John de Houstoun, Lord of that ilk and Lady Agnes Campbell, his spouse".** MIND BLOWN!