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My Experience While Staying In Iran on 2017-12-27

I went to Iran September 2016, I went to see my husband's family well his moms side. Me and my 3 children stayed there for a few weeks or so. The first few nights was ok sleeping, but then I felt spirits trying to contact me. It seems it's always when I go in to a relaxed state just before going int...

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Date: 2018-01-21
Wow this would of scared me, if this happened to me. It gave me chills reading it.
To publicways. I can't even remember the word 🤦🏼‍♀️, but it was real is all I can say. Because since I've moved to my new house a year ago now I've had voices here to but in English. One I can say said what's this then. And another was a women's laugh. And another was hello. And to you jubeele, u do have a lot of questions I will start off by saying my husband cousin can see them to but he's mega scared as he said they are in his room and are scary (he's 14) . Yes I do get my abilities form my mom I guess as I've always sensed things since I was young it's only the past few years it's got more intense and interesting. The nail I felt was an finger one, and to your other question:he thinks it's is brother because he feels him around. His English isn't to great but I get the point. When I hear theses voices it's only a quick second I hear them when I'm relaxed before going in to a deep sleep. But I have a lot of stories to post soon I will but all are true:) wouldn't make anything up:) .
Date: 2017-12-27
It could be, I've had experience like this but I could never see there faces. If you don't want it there tell it to leave. Because they can actually drain you. 🤔