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Hi!I am just a normal guy who lives a simple life until several events in my life hampered it at several instances...
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Trapped on 2017-12-31

This story happened back in August 2013 at my home. That year had started very badly as I lost my grand-father and my dad changed his job and my mum had to help him too. I was going with them but I could not support the pressure nor the atmosphere and told my parents it would be better if I could st...

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Date: 2018-01-05

Thank you so much. As of now everything is settled and I try my best not to listen when I find the "urge" to go a place around my home. Actually even though we changed some furnitures after the incident of my father, I will try to change it again. Last December, I found out that an entity had attacked my paternal grand mother years back... Maybe it was trying to come back again but I will not let it destroy everything... Thanks for your support and help. 😁
Date: 2018-01-02
Hi!I do sincerely believe in your story. I know the urge and strong feeling to go to an unknown place and I can undertsand. I suggest that maybe you could research on him more maybe it would explain more or just simply let some flowers on his tomb...