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Christmas Guest on 2017-12-28

The conversation between my dad and I took place in 2000 when I was only ten years old. I must be honest with you that I can't remember how it was brought up but we began talking about my dads uncle with giant ears. I told him, "I know... I met him"... He would give me the weirdest look and argue th...

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Date: 2018-01-04
His ears were just that large his entire life according to other family members. Never got to see a pic either. And I love that story about how one of you saw your dad in the Cadillac. I hope to see mine any where anytime. I'm ready. I look for him too much. I strongly believe he's protecting me for as much as he can. I pray to him but haven't had any responses yet. But I know he's real. My dad was the sweetest soul around
Date: 2018-01-03
Thank you everyone for the comments. Took awhile to see where this was posted. His ears were so abnormally large they took up more than half the size of his head. So big you couldn't forget if you tried.