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Old Home That Was Not The Home Of My Dreams on 2018-01-02

We lived in Missouri for about 20 years when we decided to move to a small town right by the river. It was a very old town and a lot of the buildings and homes were either falling down or being restored. We have a large family, 8 children so when I found this beautiful old home for a very reasonab...

Horror Sleep Over on 2017-12-29

When I was a little girl, first or second grade I believe, we moved to a small farming town in Colorado. I attended Elementary school there and did not have a lot of friends until one little girl with reddish brownish hair asked me to play. We soon became good friends and she asked me to spend the n...

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The other Children also saw things, My youngest said he saw a little girl running upstairs and was very sure of it. He saw here several times. My 17 year old said his covers were always being pulled off of him and my daughter claimed there was a lady that lived in the passages way to the attic. She talked to her all the time.
I also heard someone calling my names and I did think about the electric being old that would cause the light bulb blowing but honestly everything else truly happened. Until you have experienced the things I have then you will continue to be a skeptic.
I had the house checked for animals in the wall and they said there was no evidence of any at all, not even mice.