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Freedom on 2018-01-26

I was a young mother in 2004. I loved my husband and children and just enjoyed the day to day routine of raising kids. We were living in Northern California at the time in a cute little home and I was happy. My oldest just started first grade. I had a three year old and a new baby. Life was busy...

The Fish Dish on 2018-01-26

Around the late 1970s, one of my grade school friends was named Moonchild. (Name slightly changed but extremely close to this name.) The family lived in an old Victorian home. It wasn't a dark or scary home but one filled with love and family and little kids. But, you could tell it was a home th...

Anastasia on 2018-01-05

The first story I'd like to share (I have many) is about what I believe to be a residual haunting I experienced. This story is about a public library in the town I grew up in Pennsylvania. I wasn't sure if I should change the ghost name, but for this story, we'll call her, Anastasia. The libr...

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I like your story. Very comforting. You described her in a very friendly way. I'm sorry for your loss ❤
Date: 2018-02-15
Rook, I really like your theory of thresholds. That really explains a lot. It's going to be something for me to ponder for the next few days. Thank you for this suggestion. I never considered that before and it honestly makes a ton of sense.

I can't answer for Alan, but I personally feel that demons are real. They can manifest anywhere whether you are Christian or not, Christian home or not... But I do think they can have limited power in certain areas depending on your belief system.

I'd like to hear Alan's thoughts too.
Date: 2018-02-14
Very sweet story. I'm sorry for your lost. The love between your grandma and you is so evident and powerful. She is with you and watching over you through your love.
Date: 2018-02-14
Enjoyed reading this. Question... Was it an infant in the 0-12 range category or was it more like a miscarried infant below 9 months gestation, do you know? Maybe the baby just wanted to be placed in holy ground or near a family member in the local cemetary.
Date: 2018-02-10
Interesting and well written story. The palace sounds beautiful.
Date: 2018-02-10
Ok, that's weird. So you were face to face with this entity? Then it just vanished? Did it have feet and hands and everything else?

Also, the lights always blowing out, that reminded me of our house we had issues in. The lights were never able to stay on. We would change the bulbs, but by that night they would blow out... Like electricity surges through the wiring.

I'd definitely be telling this thing to leave in a forceful tone.
Wow Maggie, if someone commented like that to me I'd be amazed because seriously how common is it to make " butter balls" lol... I don't even know what butter balls are lol... I'd consider you a clairvoyant. Did you always have that skill?
Date: 2018-02-07
Do you have plans to stay there or move? I'm sorry about your family passing before you were 18. But, what you have accomplished on your own so far is impressive. Good luck to you.
I look at all the time and never once said review like that. Are there other houses with reviews like this? Is there a way to search that?
Date: 2018-02-06
Sure RCRuskin if you want. Glad to help. I hope it helps others.
Date: 2018-02-06
She filled it with water from the bathroom sink and about 4 if us drank of it in a clockwise pattern. I think I was 3rd to drink.

Yes I probably did say elsewhere paranormal stuff gives me the heebie jeebies or something.

This is all like therapy or something. I'm trying to make sense of it all and process by learning/studying about these things. Different situations have effected me and I'm just trying to make sense of my experiences. Does that explain better? I totally believe in this unseen realm and look for others that have gone through these as well to identify with.
Date: 2018-02-04
Here's another slightly older story I'm going to bump up.

So, let me preface this by saying that this is only a theory and I'm not saying I'm right but it's just a view point I'd like to present. Apologies in advance.

Firstly, I've always been fascinated by eastern orthodox. I don't understand all the beliefs but to me it's pretty fascinating. So now coming from a Roman Catholic background, to summarize, that we believe that the angels are present around the altar. We worship with "the communion of saints" so that is similar to what I think they were saying when they said that your past relatives are present at the altar. I agree with what was commented earlier about past relatives being present at all times, but I think it relates back to the idea of this community at the altar which is what your (priest?) Was saying. He wasn't saying they aren't always present but it can be believed that those in heaven are present at the altar during communion.

Secondly, what people can believe in their religions can be a truth to them and if this (priest?) Was saying that he believed that the deceased were with them, coupled with the faith of the parish they could have collectively brought their relatives to the altar as we are still with the deceased in many ways, as some believe, and they could "hear" what was being thought/said.

Now if it was an angel which it sounds like it could be, it refers to some scripture versus that many people have quoted me. Now I don't necessarily agree with it, because I am still discerning the meaning but it relates back to why some women wear head coverings in Church, "because of the angels". Because of the order and hierarchy of the spirit realm. The angels are to give an account at the judgement.
Which I was going to quote stuff but everyone can just look it up in their own versions of their Bibles if they want's "1 Corinthians: 11-10" which is what a lot of people quote when they say that you are to wear head coverings in Church because of the angels. There are also other verses that relate to the angels being present at the altar as well.

Now that's if what you saw was an angel. Being that it had wings, it's a possibility. I know most of the topics on here are "ghosts" but to me angels are in the spirit world as well and it in my mind should be in the same topic realm. Whenever I have seen "ghosts" throughout my life I had to question if it was an angel, ghost, spirit, guardian... Etc there are many things it could be. I'll also offer the idea that it could have been a dark force as well... I have known stories that people who have worked in churches have told me where they felt dark prsecence as well. Just because it's in a church doesn't automatically mean it's good... I don't know... Possibilities.

But I just wanted to present the theory and you can discount it if you don't agree. Peace. 😊
Date: 2018-02-03
I guess I can't draw a diagram on here. Too bad. That would help.

We were facing the stairs. Standing outside of 2nd bedroom door. Behind us was the extension of the hallway, and a bathroom and another 3rd bedroom (parents). In front of us was stairs as I said, a few feet forward on our left was 1st bedroom where all the commotion occurred. The man walked out of the 1st bedroom. He walked directly across the hallway to the 4th bedroom (baby's room) which was probably identically diagonal to Moonchild's doorway (being the second bedroom). Then he stopped and turned around to look at us and put his arm in the crib. We could see it all from where we stood. We might have taken a few steps towards him to see him clearer but we didn't walk all the way in, we had a good view from we were.

And no, I think at least the dad believed all these ideas and suggested some if it to her. He was the one who named her the name very similar to Moonchild and had told her she was from another planet.
Date: 2018-02-03
Very interesting. I tend to discount sleep paralysis stories because as you say there are "scientific reasons" and if you research others that have experienced it, they all seem to "see" the same stuff, although I have no idea why. But the fact that you are feeling her/seeing her when you awake now turns this story around for me. So question, were you taking any medicine when you were having the sleep issues? Does the color green hold any significance for you? The meaning of "Rita" is pearl. Do pearls hold any significance for you? Like you say, the feeling isn't a "good" feeling from her so I'd try to put a protective shield around you to block her out and tell her she isn't longer welcome to visit you. See if that helps.
Date: 2018-02-02
Scary. Did you notice the knife missing too? Were both items missing that day?
Wow, I loved this tale. I think we are going to need ongoing updates on this.

Loved it too because my husband does the same sort of work and you are speaking a familiar language to

And I really identified with Joe. I have felt like him over the years which is what brought me here to YGS. I lived in an"occupied"house of the spirit world for the last few years and it really broke me down to tears. I felt the exact same way and lost friends because they thought I was crazy. I search the internet (too often) for others that have seen what I have seen and feel like Joe did.

Loved this story. Keep us updated please.
Date: 2018-02-01
I've been reading over this one for the last few days. Not sure if there is a rule on here about commenting on older stories?

No one mentioned the old 1980s movie "The Fog" have you ever seen this movie? Its kind of a campy oldie but it was one I saw when I was very young that has always stayed with me. I really do think of this movie often. It scared me. See certain things spook me, like others might get scared if a ghost pops out and says boo, but I get scared by things like this, Fog! Come to think of it many horror movies have that fog in it. Fog is spooky!

Now as for that sound... My guess is it was an animal called a "Fisher Cat". Google it. A few years ago, someone saw a Fisher cat in our area. So I looked them up and read up on them. That night one appeared in our yard. It made the weirdest scream I ever heard. They are known for their screams. Their habitat stretches down to North Carolina.

Anyway...could be, or could be a ghost. 😁
Date: 2018-02-01
5 letters beginning with C could be Clara

I second others that think the Ouija board can be playing with fire. Yes it can contact the unseen, but you don't know if you are opening doors that should stay closed.
Date: 2018-02-01
Just wanted to say I've read and acknowledge your experience. I feel sad for your relationship with your mom. I look forward to your stories if you share them.
It could have happened but I think there is a logical explanation to this one. I tend to agree with those that say you were sleep walking and it was you that made it but you had a memory lapse.

The spirit world seems to abide by their own set of rules. They do certain things like turn lights on and off, play with buttons, breathe on you maybe, open doors possibly turn water on and off... But I don't think cooking a bacon sandwich is their typical realm. Plus did I read that right that you didn't even have bacon in the house? Spirits can't materialize bacon. They tend to hide things that do exist but create something from nothing is not typical of them.

Sorry to doubt the paranormal experience of this. I mean, it probably happened yes but I don't think a paranormal explanation is one for this story.

Unless I'm just a doubter and totally wrong here.