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My current job is within a crematorium, and I oversee four cemeteries in the local area.

As an aspiring writer, I spend most of my spare time on my laptop, headphones on, attempting to string together a story from my overactive imagination.

I can't say definitively whether I believe in ghosts or not. Rather, I believe what others tell me, and I believe my own experiences, but I don't claim to know what causes the strange things that happen to us. I wonder if we'll ever really know. I love to delve into all things paranormal, on a search for answers that will help me to make up my own mind.

To give you more of an insight into my personality: I don't think pineapple on pizza is that big a deal.
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My Father's Visitor on 2018-01-16

This account happened to my dad, but (with his permission) I felt I had to share it. It terrified me to say the least! Just over a year ago, my dad went on a trip to Scotland. I can't remember the name of the place he visited, but it was a beautiful manor beside a loch. He had a room to himsel...

Soldiers Or Nurses? on 2018-01-04

This is my first post to this site, I hope you enjoy it! I've always been open minded regarding ghosts, having not had many experiences myself, but family members have had some truly terrifying things happen to them and I believe their accounts! I'd lived in the same house all of my life unti...

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Date: 2018-01-25
babygoatpuller, you're much braver than me - if something invisible hugged me when I was alone I would be terrified! I wouldn't be up for cuddling...

My dad isn't a non-believer after this experience. He'd seen things before - like a white figure standing at the side of the road as he drove by, completely featureless; and another night he was staying at a hotel and he woke up to his feet being tickled, then took a photo in the hotel that has a very strange shape in it... But this experience was so real to him, so undeniable, that he now believes in the supernatural.

I don't think there's anything worrying about his experience, seeing as nothing has happened to him since. The seatbelt thing in my car was probably just a coincidence, but I thought it worth mentioning as I hadn't had that happen previously or since, and it creeped me out at the time!

Thanks for commenting!
Date: 2018-01-25
Thanks for commenting matrix899!

Yes I find that most intriguing, I really grilled my dad about that, asking if he hit his own arm or what it felt like. It surprised me that it was solid and warm.

My dad felt a bit disappointed in himself with his reaction! He said that if he'd been able to think rationally and stay calm, he would have liked to try to engage with it, ask it questions and see what happened. But, as he wasn't expecting it, he reacted without thinking and the shock took over!
Date: 2018-01-25
Hi lady-glow, thanks for commenting!

My dad said that he hadn't experienced anything strange prior to that night, or anything afterwards.

On the way to the manor the coach driver told everyone that the hotel was apparently haunted by a maid who'd died there, but of course my dad didn't believe that. You're right, at least whatever it was didn't react badly to his rejection!
Date: 2018-01-19
Hi Chanced,

Thanks for commenting! It's interesting to get the opinion of someone with military background. It struck me as very orderly when I found them and that's what made me wonder about the soldiers, or possibly the nurses tidying up...
Date: 2018-01-16
Thanks for commenting Macknorton.

This is why I consider it to be more residual - I never felt anything sinister, nothing that happened seemed to interact with me especially... I would leave something somewhere and it would be moved when I returned, like the shoes and things in the drawers and cabinets.

It would be great to know why these things happen! Haha! If it takes energy to move things, like you said, it would make sense for an 'intelligent spirit' to move something I would really notice, perhaps when I was looking.

I still drive past the flat and wonder what the new tenant is making of it all.
Date: 2018-01-16
Hi RCRuskin,

It was more of an assumption on my part, knowing the history of the place - it felt as if someone was tidying up after me, or putting my things in order.

I wonder if the sound of the measuring cups rattling was actually due to the cupboard door, from which they were hanging, being opened and closed.

I consider it to be more of a residual haunting rather than intelligent as nothing seemed to be particularly interactive with me. But without speaking to the spirit/whatever it was, I'll never know!

Thanks for commenting.
Date: 2018-01-15
Thanks for commenting Tweed, I've read a lot of your stories, all so interesting!

It was a lovely flat but so cold during the winter months, could never heat the place properly (which is why I didn't say anything about cold spots etc haha).

It's interesting to think of the different reasons why shoes would be propped up against the door. Mine were in pairs, it seemed very orderly, it was quite a stiff door to move so I hadn't opened it fully when I sort of side-stepped into the room and noticed my shoes lined up behind the door.

It's always comforting to have little habits validated 😜