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Evil Or Not on 2018-01-04

I am new to this site to seek some advice. Thanks for reading and (hopefully) giving some help to me. My story has started since I moved into my house, around 8 years ago. The house I lived in previously belonged to an old woman, whose family lived in the street as well. Sadly she passed away, a...

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Date: 2018-01-21
Thank you all, this information has been helpful. To answer a few of your questions, I am in the age range of 15-16; and I have heard of cleansing and shielding but would like to know about the ghost more than rid of them.

I have recently found out from my mum that when we first moved in here strange things would happen. Tools would go missing (because we were working on the house) things would be disturbed. My mum was on a strict diet at this point and one day she was at home alone. She made herself a coffee then went out of the room for a second to grab her phone. When she came back in, the biscuit tin was opened and crumbs were everywhere, and 2 half eaten biscuits.
These interactions have lessened but I'm not sure whether it is because less of the stuff that used to be in this home (carpets, furniture etc.) aren't here or because the ghost/entity has become peaceful.
Thanks again to all comment they are all really helpful.