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Dollar Shop Ghost on 2018-01-21

I work at a dollar store just down the street from me. It's been there for over 10 years and it has been an ok first job. I get stuck with night shifts a lot, but in these instances it's been alright since most of the weird things that do happen are at that time. My coworker who was with me on thes...

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Date: 2018-02-02
lady-glow: No I just joined and that's my first story I've posted here. Unless it was a coincidence lol I haven't read too many stories here yet.

Perhaps, it couldn't hurt. I just don't know what it could be that's doing it. Nothing major has ever happened there that I can remember that could be the reason for a haunting.

Lilwolf: Yeah another girl who left a few months back kept saying the same thing that there was a ghost in the store. And that's she saw weird stuff all the time as well.

No one has died... That I know of. The store is over 10 years old but most of the people who started there when it opened still work there. Only the younger ones who started and left within a few months are the ones I don't know about.

RSAChick: Couldn't hurt.

Lol No it's not... Thanks for pointing it out though. I'm so embarrassed I usually proofread a dozen times before I post anything. I looked over the preview more than that. I'll try to fix them all if I can since I saw a few other mistakes... It'll drive me crazy with my OCD and all lol Glad I could give a giggle, I enjoy making people laugh. Can't believe I missed that though *facepalm*