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My Brand New Haunted House on 2018-01-09

My father was in the Navy until I was 18 years old. Spooky things have happened in many of the places my family has lived, but our home in O'Fallon, Illinois was the worst. My parents planned on retiring from the military so they bought a brand new house. We lived here 2006-2010, my 8th grade to jun...

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As previously stated, the land that the subdivision was built on was used for farming. These farms go back generations, and original houses are still in use. I am put off about your insinuation that my experience was hormonal. Sex is not taboo in my family, and my mother had a similar experience in that house as I have already explained.

Please read before commenting, thanks.
I just found this site and your story was the very first that I've read. Oh man, I had to take a breather after this one. I am so sorry for your hardship and loss. Thank you for sharing.