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I Grew Up In A Haunted Cottage on 2018-01-16

When I was seven, nearly eight my Father got a job as a Handyman on a private estate on the outskirts of Stirling City, Scotland. The estate was very large and housed many buildings, an orchard and stables. The main house was home to retired men and my Father was in charge of it's maintenance and al...

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My sister has it on video tape somewhere. She has it in storage as she is between homes at the moment but once I get her to dig it out we will find some way to make it digitally or do a screen capture of the ball of light. I will need to investigate further as I haven't gone deep into investigation just googled and looked at some council records. Most people who would know are long since gone sadly and the cottage no longer is there.
It was an awesome place to live and I have many great memories.