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The Blue Church on 2018-01-21

I have many paranormal experiences to share, so I decided I would do so in chronological order starting with my first ever notable experience. My Biological mother, who I no longer speak to on a regular or even yearly basis, was a self proclaimed 'Ghost Hunter.' While she was off across Ontario hunt...

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Date: 2018-01-30

Thanks for commenting! I will admit that the information of Barbara Heck was given to me by my mother, spinning tales as usual and the archives at the local musuem which like most small town musuems could be frabricated information to draw in more tourists. I wrote this in the perspective of my young self, and what I believed had happened at that time as it was told to me - I never really knew Barbara Hecks fate because of my own personal research into it. In hindsight I should have put more effort into the research of the blue church before posting.

However, since that night I haven't bothered to do so as I haven't been interested in it or its history. I apologize for that mishap!
Date: 2018-01-22
Hey Charlice!

The one thing that sticks out to me is your insistence that this prescence isn't malicious - it's definitely beneficial to not be afraid of it - whatever it may be - however I would suggest a smudging just I'm case:)

It's up to you of course, and I don't want to freak you out because you know yourself and this prescence better than anyone else would but entities can seem harmless because they've been dormant for so long, only to harvest emotions off people (particularly young teenagers) until they're strong enough to make themselves known in a malicious way. A smudging will rid you of anything with hard feelings, and if your prescence remains you can probably assume it didn't mean you any harm! If it disappears, good riddance.
I feel like guardian entities/spirits exist to do just this - give you a nudge in the right direction, show you what you're doing is right and so on... My experience isn't totally similar, but in ways it sort of is.

When I was in my younger teen years (12, 13ish) I'd walk our family dog down the street, into the park, and through a hole in the fence that seperated the park and train tracks. On the other side of the tracks was a creek, and my sisters apartment building a little ways up. My grandparents ALWAYS chastised me for wearing both my headphones when walking alone, and I never listened.

So that's what I was doing, listening to music and walking my dog to my sisters to say hi before heading back home for supper - it was near dusk, but it was still light enough out to see everything. I was just ducking through the hole in the fence when something grabbed my sweater. I freaked, and my dog began barking (at me cause I had screamed a little) because the park by my house was not only ALWAYS vacant but I didn't live in the safest part of town when I was younger... I felt like I was in danger.

But when I spun around, no one was there. I stood for a few moments, shaking it off and kept going. My one ear bud was out and I slowly pushed myself through the hole in the fence, eyes looking for someone or something - and as I went to head across the tracks, moving to pop my earbud back in I heard the loudest, most blood curdling scream call my name, of all things. (Mind you, my name isn't the easiest to pronounce so it couldn't have been a mistake.) I couldn't discern whether it was male or female, but it stopped me dead in my tracks.

That's when the train, literal seconds later flew by on the tracks. A bullet train, silent as death, you'd never hear it coming. It was the first one ever introduced to my area then, it was on its testing week. I had no idea, normally you can FEEL the trains in my town coming so it never bothered me to cross with my earphones in... But had that hand not pulled me back or that voice not called out for me, my dog and I would have been dead, no doubt about it.

I have never worn earphones in since then, and crossing train tracks gives me major anxiety now. But I'm alive, and to me that's all that matters.