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Ghost Made Bacon Sandwich on 2018-01-20

I was home alone one day. I was not feeling well so I took the day off work. My boyfriend had already gone so that left me alone. I was watching TV when a loud humming started. Originally I thought this was the TV so I turned it off, but the humming continued. It was really starting to annoy me beca...

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I don't think so. Maybe I did sleepwalk. Maybe there is no paranormal thing happening at all. It might be I was unwell and was scared by the humming and kind of got freaked out by practically nothing. Thanks guys, you put my mind at rest.
I don't understand.
I don't know what it was. I mean there was no one else in the house other than me and I checked everywhere. There was nothing that could've made the sandwich apart from a ghost or me. Sure I could've walked in my sleep and fried the bacon, but I was awake when I checked for anyone else in the house and the bacon was in a sandwich when I got back. I don't know how it could've been anything else.
I checked with my boyfriend, and there was some bacon in his private fridge. He has allergies so he has a separate fridge.
I don't know. I'm confused as hell and slightly freaked out.
I think it was paranormal. My dishwasher starts when I tell it to and not about half an hour after I load it. It was so random as well, if it was anyone who knew me, trying to look after me why would they make a bacon sandwich? I don't really like bacon. Plus there was nothing in the fridge or cupboards and my boyfriend was going to get a takeaway on the way home.
She probably meant to say that. Sorry was auto correct. I meant this not i
I meant to say its keeping me awake at night for more hours that id like because I keep thinking about it
Date: 2018-01-20
Oceana, I do believe you. I think that Emmanual could see the future or something like that. I don't care how you got there and shame on those who called you a liar because you were out of it for the trip there. Whatever it was you live in UK and that happened in USA so calm down, I'm sure the answers will come to you eventually.